No Xbox One X Yet? No Problem. Here’s How To Download Its 4K Game Assets


Pre-order customers of the Xbox One X might still have to wait a little over a couple weeks for their brand spanking new ultra HD-capable console models to arrive in the mail but this doesn’t mean that they can’t already get started preparing for what is widely expected to be the ultimate graphics performance experience in console gaming.

This is the case because the 4K game assets for select One X games are already available for download to owners of existing Xbox One consoles such as the Xbox One and One S models (the latter of which comes with 4K UHD Blu-ray playback and 4K game upscaling, check out our review of it here). You see, Microsoft has already pushed out a new Xbox One Alpha update that comes with a pile of 4K game content packed up right with it. This means a much easier update to the Xbox One X console when it comes out in a little over a couple of weeks on November the 7th worldwide.

In order to access the update with 4K game assets, you’ll obviously need to own an Xbox One console and also be part of the Xbox insiders Alpha group. Once the update is downloaded, the 4K game assets that come with it can be transferred to your Xbox One X console when you finally get your hands on it. The 4K assets can be downloaded straight to the internal storage of your existing Xbox One console or placed on an external storage device that’s plugged into your device. This device can then later be hooked up to the One X model for downloading of the gaming data. Users of the new Xbox One X can also simply wait to get the console itself if they don’t already own an older model and download the assets directly to their One X.

Here are the specific steps for downloading Xbox One X 4K game assets through your current Xbox console:

1.Go into “Guide” by hitting the Xbox button on your existing Xbox controller.

Xbox One X 4K game assets update

2.Navigate your way to the right side for the “System” cogwheel using your joystick.

3.Press the “A” button to access “Settings” as it appears and use the joystick and “A” button to access “System”.

Xbox One X 4K game assets update

4.Using the joystick and same A button, select “Backup & Transfer”.

5.Check off the box which says “Download 4K game content”.

Xbox One X 4K game assets update

6.Next, press the “B” button to go back into the System menu and once there, select “Updates” with the “A” button.

7.Check off the box which says “Keep my games & apps up to date” (optional step).

The Xbox One X from Microsoft is built to basically be the most powerful game console ever created to-date and in terms of overall specs, it completely outdoes what current models such as Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro or Microsoft’s own Xbox One S can do. With a host of internal specs that include a massive 12GB GDDR5 RAM, an integrated AMD 6 teraflop GPU and an eight-core custom x86 CPU clocked at 2.3GHz, the One X is the first console to arrive on the market that’s actually supposed to be capable of fairly robust 4K UHD gaming in native resolution and at high frame rates. In other words, it delivers what are high end PC-GPU levels of performance. In other words, it’s apparently the perfect console for today’s 4K HDR TVs

Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro

Xbox One X visuals compared to PS4 Pro and others.

Once again, the 1TB Xbox One X model will start shipping and selling with major retailers as of November 7th for an MSRP of $499.99, though we expect this price to decrease as the year-end Holiday shopping season approaches.


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