Måned: juni 2016

Windows 10 Anniversary Update available August 2

Microsoft announced today that the much awaited Anniversary Update for Windows 10 will be available on August 2. The Anniversary Update will introduce a massive set of new features and improvements to Windows 10. This includes among many other things Linux Bash support, extensions for Microsoft

Windows 10 upgrade prompt gets decline option

Better late than never. Microsoft is about to release an update to the company's Get Windows 10 application for Windows 7 og Windows 8 devices that includes a decline option. Microsoft has been criticized heavily for its aggressive push of the Windows 10 operativsystem. De…

Selfrando improves Tor Browser security

Selfrando is a new protective feature of the Tor Browser that improves the web browsers defense against hacking attempts and the de-anonymization of users. Tor browser is a popular tool for remaining anonymous on the Internet. It is used by journalists and activists, and regular users

Just-Install: batch install programs on Windows

Just-Install is a command line driven program for Windows that enables you to batch install a selection of programs on the operating system it is run on. The Windows operating system does not ship with a package installer itself, but there are several third party tools

Get a Google prompt on your phone to sign in

Google Prompt is a new 2-step verification option that improves the usability of the second verification step by pushing a prompt to a connected smartphone that you just need to tap on to allow or deny the request. 2-step verification, often also called 2-factor authentication, er…

Overvåk Prosess opprettelse og terminering i Windows

Process Logger Service is a free program for Windows that installs itself as a service to monitor process creation on the computer it is installed on. Processes are launched when you start a program on a device running Windows, but also automatically by software, services or

How to change the IE and Edge download folder

Both Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are configured to download files to the user's download folder by default. The location does not change across devices, so that Windows users know where to look when it comes to locating downloaded files on Windows machines. While convenient, de…

How to remove True Key by Intel Security

The following guide walks you through the steps of removing True Key by Intel Security from your operating system. True Key by Intel Security is a password manager by Intel that is available as a limited free version and a premium subscription version. Many users may

Block Facebook Live Notifications

The following guide walks you through the steps of blocking Facebook Live Notifications for live video streams on the social networking site. Facebook Live is a relatively new feature on Facebook that users of the service can utilize to stream live video on the site. Anyone

Which browser is the fastest?

Which browser is the fastest? When Google introduced Chrome, one area the company put a lot of emphasize on was performance. Google ran benchmarks regularly showing that the browser's performance was way better than that of other browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer which were

linking Windows 10 lisenser til Microsoft-kontoer

Microsoft introduced a new feature in windows 10 Bygge 14371 that allows you to link the digital license of the operating system to a Microsoft Account. Even though Microsoft stated in the announcement that the feature is available starting with Build 14371, things look different currently

Geek Uninstaller: remove Windows apps

The latest version of Geek Uninstaller, a third-party solution for Windows to remove installed software, supports removing Windows apps. Geek Uninstaller is one of a handful of programs that you can use as an alternative for Windows' built-in uninstaller. Just like Revo Uninstaller and others, den…

VLC 2.0 for Android released

The update to VLC 2.0 for Android introduces a large number of new features such as network browsing and video playlists to the popular media player. VLC Media Player may not be as popular on Android as it is on desktop computer systems, but it is

Fix Windows 10 Start Menu problems

Microsoft's Start Menu troubleshooter has been designed to fix start menu problems that you experience when running devices with Windows 10. While the start menu may have lost some of its appeal in recent years thanks to the rise of other options to launch programs, most

Find out why a program wont run on Windows

Exe Properties is a lightweight program for Microsoft Windows devices that displays the architecture (32-bit or 64-bit), and minimum Windows version of executable files and dlls. Did you ever run into programs on Windows that would seemingly do nothing when run? You double-click on the file

Fix Namespace is already defined errors

The error message Namespace is already defined may be displayed when you open the Group Policy editor on Windows 10, or try to edit an affected policy. As an example, the following error message was displayed twice when I opened the Group Policy Editor on a

Microsoft: Edge good, Chrome bad for battery life

Microsoft Edge is the best performing, Google Chrome the worst performing web browser when it comes to battery life performance according to Microsoft. If you are using a laptop or tablet for some of your computer-related activities you are probably aware that browsers may have a

Enhanced Anti-Spoofing for Windows 10

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system supports a whole array of biometric login and authentication options. Instead of having to log in typing a username and password, Windows 10 users can use their fingerprint, face, or other biometric information to sign in. Microsoft calls these biometric sign