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Is Office 2019 Compatible With Windows 7 & Windows 8/8.1?

  Earlier today, Microsoft announced Office 2019 for Windows and Mac. Like its earlier versions, Kontor 2019 also includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adgang, Visio, Project, Outlook, and Publisher applications. Kontor 2019 includes all the features that have been added to Office 365 since the release of

How To Change Text Size In Windows 10

  The classic Window Color and Appearance dialog, which allowed us to change the font and font size of various items in Windows 7 and earlier versions, is not part of Windows 10 og Windows 8. In the early versions of Windows 10, we could change

Windows 10 Quick Tips – Lock Screen

    The Windows Lock Screen was introduced in the now infamous Windows 8 versjon. People seem to have mixed feelings about it– some like seeing a pretty picture when they start their computer, while others see it as an unnecessary annoyance which involves yet another

Windows 10 & nye prosessorer politikk - Forklaringen

  Here's an interesting one. Nylig, Microsoft kunngjorde at de ikke vil støtte pre-Windows 10 operativsystemer på den nye generasjonen av Intel og AMD-prosessorer, kjent av deres populære navnene Kaby Lake og Ryzen, henholdsvis. Dette høres ut som en skremmende scenario. Som alltid, Internett er…

Download Autumn Leaves Theme for Windows 10, 8 og 7

The Fall Leaves theme features 11 high quality images to decorate your Desktop. This beautiful themepack was initially created for Windows 7, but you can use it in Windows 10, Windows 7 og Windows 8. RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and optimize system performance

Microsoft stops sales of Windows 7 og 8.1 OEM licenses

Microsoft is now all-in on Windows 10. The company has stopped selling OEM licenses of Windows 7 Professional and Windows 8.1 to manufacturing partners, effectively restricting all new systems to Microsoft's latest operating system. Microsoft's partners have had some time to prepare for the end of

Hvordan Reset Windows 10 mail-appen

Whether you like it or not, the Mail app is the default and first introduced in Windows 8. It was horrible in Windows 8, although started getting better in Windows 8.1. derimot, nå, i Windows 10, it has improved dramatically. dessverre, it still has issues with

Nature HD # 50 tema for Windows 8 og Windows 10

Nature HD # 50 tema for Windows 8 og Windows 10 features amazing, gorgeous nature and landscape images in high resolution. To get this theme, click the download link below, and then click Open. This will apply the theme to your Desktop. Tip: If you are Windows 7

How Do I Backup Windows 10 Activation?

  While using previous versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 8.1, Windows 8 og Windows 7, many users used to back up the activation after successfully activating their copy of Windows operating system. The core benefit of backing up Windows activation is that it

Get Windows 10 Patch Updated Again

In June of 2015, Microsoft launched a special update that was supposed to make upgrading to Windows 10 fra Windows 7 eller Windows 8.1 much easier. What has ensued is a piece of code that gets updated regularly and when updated leaves a wake of angry

Box Clever by Saving your Files in the Cloud

There are many cloud services that allow you to upload and download your data from anywhere and Box is yet another multi-platform solution with a native Box app for Windows 8. Box is already incredibly popular, with around 25 million users and 225,000 companies using it,