Now You Can Try Linux From Scratch 8.0 in Live Session!

Brief: The official Linux From Scratch live CD has been discontinued for some time. Here’s a new project that lets you use Linux From Scratch in a live session.

You might have heard of Linux From Scratch. LFS, as it is popularly called, is a project that provides you with step-by-step instructions to build your own Linux system entirely from source code. It might look crazy, but it has several benefits.

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LFS will help you to know how things work together and how you can customize it to suit your needs or taste. You will have a greater understanding of the internal workings of the Linux-based operating systems

With LFS, you can even install your system under 100 MB. You have the ability to turn your system into whatever you need with added security. You can compile the entire system from source and apply the necessary security patches. You don’t need to wait for a recent binary package that will fix a security hole.

Basically, if you want to understand Linux at its core level, Linux From Scratch is the perfect for that purpose.

Linux From Scratch Live CD

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You can play with Linux From Scratch on a dedicated system but that’s not feasible everyone. A live disk comes handy in such cases.

You can boot LFS into a ‘live’ system that is independent of your hard drive. You can have a reliable host system that will help you build your own Linux from scratch. It provides you with a comfortable environment where you can build your own “perfect” Linux distribution customized just for you.

The LiveCD can also be a lifesaver. You can boot the CD and use it to fix errors on your local system if it crashes. This means you can successfully use it as a rescue CD.

Linux From Scratch used to have its own official live CD. But it doesn’t work with LFS 7.0 and above anymore.

Good thing is that we have a new project that provides you LFS 8.0 in a live disk.

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Meet LFS LiveCD

This project is unsurprisingly called LFS LiveCD. It has the following features:

  • Complete LiveCD
  • Supports boot from usb
  • Can be used to create BLFS
  • Highly Customizable
  • Can ibe installed on HDD manually
  • Shell is built in for making iso (boot/isolinux/
  • Shell is built in for making bootable usb (boot/isolinux/

You can see LFS 8.0 Live CD in action in this video below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for interesting Linux tips and tutorials.

Download LFS LiveCD

You can download LFS LiveCD from the link below. The download size is just over 230Mb.

Download LFS LiveCD

Don’t hesitate to share your experience on the comment section below if you have used LFS LiveCD to build your own Linux system from scratch.