NVIDIA enables AI upscaling in GeForce NOW and GameStream on the SHIELD TV Pro

At the end of last month, NVIDIA said it would enable AI upscaling support for GeForce NOW on the SHIELD TV Pro. True to its word, the company has issued an update to the NVIDIA Games app that should make games streamed locally or over the cloud look even better than they already do.

When the update to the NVIDIA Games app went live earlier this week, Reddit user Marchief was quick to spot the new features in the changelog. Here’s how the new feature is described by NVIDIA: “Adds AI-upscaling for NVIDIA GeForce Now and GameStream on 2019 SHIELD TV Pro. Enable in AI upscaling menu on SHIELD,” the release notes read.

Last month, NVIDIA enhanced its AI upscaling technology with support for upscaling up to 4K UHD resolution and 60fps content. That same AI upscaler is now being applied to gaming video streams, both local and cloud-based, on the SHIELD TV Pro. The feature now officially supports NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming platform and GameStream local streaming service at up to 4K resolution at 60fps.

To get more insight into how the AI upscaler affects the latency of cloud game streaming, we asked an NVIDIA spokesperson on Twitter. As it turns out, the impact on latency is minimal (~1-2 frames in most cases), according to NVIDIA spokesperson Jordan Dodge. That’s great news for GeForce NOW subscribers and should mean that users will hardly notice any increased latency with the feature enabled.

Impact on latency is minimal (~1-2 frames in most cases).

AI upscaler on SHIELD Pro (2019) will work on GeForce NOW. It was announced as part of a recent software upgrade, and will be available via GeForce NOW update soon.

Tested on GeForce NOW, yes. Other testing in progress.

— Jordan (@sirjordandodge) September 16, 2020

Since the AI upscaling feature is turned off by default, you’ll need to go into your SHIELD TV’s display settings to toggle it. Another Reddit user, Userchain, has screenshots going through the process on how to do so. In the same update that adds AI upscaling, NVIDIA also rolled out security fixes and Steam Game Sync support in GeForce NOW.

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