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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Will Have 512 More Cores Than The RTX 2080 Ti


Videocardz has confirmed from their own sources that the RTX 3060 Ti will be launching soon after the RTX 3070. It will be the first budget entry from NVIDIA and will feature a new GA106 GPU. According to WhyCry, there is currently no word for the non-Ti version of the 3060 and the Ti variant will actually come first. The card is expected to feature a core count greater than RTX 2080 Ti (which should translate to greater than 2080 Ti performance as well assuming the clocks are on par).

NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti should match the RTX 2080 Ti in performance and will launch after the RTX 3070

Keep in mind that the reason NVIDIA’s RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 cards are not scaling linearly in performance is due to bottlenecking by game engines and binaries that are not designed to handle this much amount of cores. We know that the hardware and driver stack scales linearly because of the benchmark performance of these cards in software like vRAY and Octane – which are designed to handle a huge amount of graphics power. This means that as you scale down cores, performance will not scale down linearly. In fact, I fully expect the RTX 3060 Ti to beat the RTX 2080 clock for clock! Assuming slightly less clocks than the RTX 2080 Ti, it should easily trade blows with the former flagship.

Here is the full RTX lineup as presented by rumors (courtesy of Videocardz):

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series (Full Rumored Lineup)
GPU Board # (FE/Reference) CUDA Cores vRAM Launch
RTX 3090 8nm GA102-300 PG136/132 SKU 30 10496 24GB G6X September 24th
RTX 3080 20GB 8nm GA102-200 PG133/132 SKU 20 8704 20GB G6X After Big Navi
RTX 3080 10GB 8nm GA102-200 PG133/132 SKU 10 8704 10GB G6X September 17th
RTX 3070 Ti 8nm GA104-400 PG142/141 SKU 0 6144 16GB G6 After Big Navi
RTX 3070 8nm GA104-300 PG142/141 SKU 10 5888 8GB G6 October 15th
RTX 3060 Ti 8nm GA104-200 PG190 SKU 10 4864 8GB G6 Late October
RTX 3060 TBCnm GA106 TBC TBC TBC No date

The RTX 3060 series of cards has been in the pipeline for a very long time and Videocardz has finally received confirmation of the same.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti will feature GA104-200 GPU with 4864 CUDA cores and 8GB of GDDR6 memory clocked at 14 Gbps. The bus width will be 256-bits for a total bandwidth of 448 GB/s of bandwidth. Since the board will require less power, the TBP should be around 200W with the reference design clocking in at around 180W. This is a 5W increase over the RTX 2070 at 175W and in line with how we expect the Samsung node to fair in terms of power efficiency when compared to TSMC’s nodes.

AMD is going to launch their Navi 22 series on October 28 and that could be one reason why NVIDIA has decided to launch the Ti based variant first. With 3080 and 3090 cards still out of stock, gamers are clearly hungry to get their hands on a next-generation GPU. Oh and if you are wondering with what is happening over at NVIDIA then I have some juicy details for you.

See, yields for the initial few batches of the Samsung 8nm node are lower than expected and expensive. The company expects the yields (and therefore prices for wafers) to significantly improve in the coming months. To protect its shareholders, the company has been cautious about its orders of the first few batches and has placed significantly higher volume orders for later batches. This problem was further exacerbated by bots scraping up the entire volume from the get-go. We expect the bulk orders to start hitting before the holiday season (assuming, once again, that miners don’t gobble it all up of course).

NVIDIA will be launching the RTX 3080 20 GB to go against big Navi

The RTX 3080 10GB is an amazing card but it has one major caveat: it only has 10GB of vRAM. With titles like MSFS 2020 already out and requiring at least 16GB of vRAM to run comfortably, the low amount of memory on the 3080 will bottleneck it in future titles. This is why, even without any confirmation, we were sure that the company would release a 20 GB variant as well. This seems to have been more or less indirectly confirmed by NVIDIA in their recently released Ampere whitepaper.

An RTX 3080 with 20GB of vRAM would be the perfect graphics card for the next generation of titles. Combined with RTX IO it would allow asset streaming of huge quantities of data and 20 GB of RAM would be sufficient for even demanding killer titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. While we have no concrete date on when the card will be launching/available, we do know this will come in response to AMD’s 16GB big navi GPU which is scheduled to be released in late October. This means NVIDIA should be announcing the 3080 20GB card within a few weeks of October 28.

We would heavily encourage any prospective buyers to wait for the 20GB variant because unless NVIDIA prices that in a TITAN fashion (which is unlikely considering this is their response to AMD’s 6900XT) it will offer much higher value for money and will also represent a card that will not be bottlenecked by any future title – no matter how demanding it might be.

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