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Nvidia’s 376.19 WHQL drivers are optimised for Oculus Touch

Nvidia released its Oculus Touch Virtual Reality GeForce Game Ready Drivers just ahead of the launch of these peripherals, today. The GeForce Game Ready 376.19 WHQL drivers are said to be “optimised for the 53 Oculus Rift games” launching with Oculus Touch, the Rift’s new motion controls. Normally these game ready driver releases are optimised for two or three titles.

In VR experiences optimum performance is more important than ever to remove essentially uncomfortable feelings which can occur due to latency. Graphics problems such as lag, stuttering and so on are especially jarring when you are wearing a HMD.

If you are interested in the Oculus Rift and its Touch controllers then it’s worth a look at the video above, providing a highlights reel of some of the titles available from day one. All these titles offer support for both the Oculus HMD and new motion controllers.

An Oculus blog post provides the full launch day list of Touch controller friendly titles now available with links to further information about each game. If you already have the Oculus HMD it’s probably better to browse the Oculus Store today wearing your headset.

If you had pre-ordered the Oculus Touch controllers you would have both The Unspoken and VR Sports Challenge for free today. If not, at least you have the consolation that a “fan-favourite demo experience,” called Toybox will be free for all buyers from today.


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