Ocedaudio Audio Editor for Linux Ubuntu

Ocedaudio audio editor for Linux Ubuntu Systems. Ocedaudio is one of the best Linux audio editors. It is a multi-platform, easy-to-use, fast and functional audio editor which can be used to edit and analyze audio files. Ocenaudio also has powerful features that will please the most advanced users.

Ocenaudio supports VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plug-ins, giving your users access to numerous types of effects. Like native effects, VST effects can be configured with the help of the live preview.

Oceaudio Features

Ocenaudio comes with many features such as:

  1. Applying effects such as equalization, gain, or filtering is an important part of the process of editing any audio file. However, it is very difficult to get a nice effect just by adjusting the setup controls: you need to listen to the processed audio. To simplify the configuration of audio effects, ocenaudio has real-time preview functionality: you can listen to the processed signal while adjusting the controls.
  2. To make the setting even more user-friendly, the ocenaudio incorporates a miniature view of the selected audio signal along with the effect controls. With this, you can navigate with the same features of the main interface, selecting specific passages or skipping parts that do not interest while listening to the result of the effect that you will apply, and all this in real time!
  3. In order to speed up complex edits to audio files, ocenaudio introduces the multiselect feature. With this fantastic tool, you can simultaneously select different stretches of an audio file to listen to them, edit them and even transform them using any effect.
  4. With ocenaudio , there are no more limits on how long or how many audio files you can edit. Utilizing advanced memory organization algorithms and a sophisticated caching system, this application keeps your files open without wasting your computer’s memory. Even in multi-hour files, everyday editing operations (copy, cut, paste) happen almost instantly.
  5. In addition to providing an incredible view of the waveform of your audio files, ocenaudio has a powerful and complete spectrogram viewing mode. In this mode, you can clearly analyze the spectral content of your audio signal.

Install Oceaudio

To download and install the latest release of oceaudio audio editor, follow the link https://www.ocenaudio.com/download and download the deb file.

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