Oculus Rift VR Features Updated: Oculus Avatars, First Contact, Asynchronous Spacewarp And Support For Low-Spec Devices

  • 1 min read
  • Nov 11, 2016

Oculus had announced in June a new technique called the Asynchronous Spacewarp (ASW), which would help obliterate lags on PCs with low-end specifications.

The technology, which pre-renders frames to avoid frame drop while playing Virtual Reality (VR) games, was officially launched by the company Friday. In simple words, it will let you run VR games and provide a similar experience across a vivid range of devices.

The company has also announced two new features for its Touch device, which is launching on Dec. 6.

From December, users will be able to create their own custom avatars with Oculus Avatars. Every player will have a private dressing room which will offer them an assortment of faces, hairstyles, eyewear, clothing, and texture effects.

The Avatars SDK will be available at launch with the Touch to help developers to integrate Avatars from games such as Sports Bar VR and Kingspray. Full Avatars support will be available for both games at the launch. In case you already own a Rift, you can still create Avatars and use them with the Oculus Remote and Xbox controllers.

The other new feature, the Oculus First Contact, will help users make better usage of VR. In this feature, a vintage Sci-Fi robot will help users interact with the virtual world.