Office 365 offers Secure Score, Threat Intelligence, Advanced Data Governance


When working in the IT industry, the importance of cyber-security remains paramount. While being unable to capture a single security signal could be a serious threat, the number of signals are increasing drastically. In such a situation, it might not be possible to handle the threats individually. Thus, Microsoft Office 365 has added a few functionalities to assist users with their security concerns.

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New capabilities with Office 365

Office 365 Secure Score

We cannot resolve a problem unless we know it, acknowledge it and calculate its extent. One measure Microsoft brought to check the depth of the problem is ‘secure score.’Office 365 Secure Score

Microsoft provides users access to the score analyzer which helps find the ratio of the secure score to the total score, the secure score being the numerator and total score being the denominator. After that, the user could use the score analyzer to obtain a graph for the secure score data. The graph can be downloaded as a .csv file.

The dashboard for the secure score suggests measures for improving on it, which could, in turn, help better the security of the organization in general.

Office 365 Threat Intelligence

As per studies, the average cost of a data breach exceeds $4 million. This expense includes litigation cost, loss in sales and re-building the reputation. In some cases, it leads to complete business closure. Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph by Office 365 Threat Intelligence could be used to analyze a wide range of security points and understand possible vulnerabilities. Office 365 Threat Intelligence

By informing the organization of almost all possible threats, Office 365 threat intelligence helps reduce the cost for the company in the long run. Furthermore, its dashboard helps with advice on mitigating the threats for future. As they say, a stitch in time saves 9.

Office 365 Advanced Data Governance

Data governance helps companies manage data, which means finding and retaining crucial data while eliminating redundant one.

One might ask why would a company need data governance at the added cost. In the scenario that a company retains the data of employees who have already left the company unnecessarily, a high chance of the data getting breached or misused exists. In such an event, the company could face a huge loss in the sense that would have to pay for lifetime credit monitoring for the employee. This is over and above the loss of trust. Thus, data governance is crucial.

As we try to mitigate existing security threats, those involved in breaching security will find more ways to do so. Thus, the updating of technology is needed from time to time. Read the complete blog post here.


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