Office 365 Reporting and Analytics Tool will help you manage Office 365


Office 365 Reporting and Analytics Tool will allow users to keep an eye on your Office 365 statistics and help users with their issues related to Office 365. Those using Office 365 understand that the main difference between it and other similar tools is that the former gives more mobility and ‘anytime-anywhere’ access. Office 365 was quite successful over its predecessors.

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Office 365 Reporting and Analytics Tool

Office 365 Reporting and Analytics Tool

However, users faced an issue with Office 365, and that was pulling out reports. Typically, a user would have to use cumbersome PowerShell scripts to extract reports. In case the reports were larger in size, the task would become very difficult, and after a stage, impossible.

Something so basic, yet so tough becomes easy with the “Office 365 Reporting and Analytics Tool.” It helps check mailboxes, users, groups, traffic on emails, security, etc. at the click of a button. This tool doesn’t depend on PowerShell and is fast. AdminDroid gives audit reports of daily, weekly and monthly activities. It also lists the top 10 activities in each Microsoft Office 365 application.

Manage OneDrive better

The visual dashboards will help analyze how users are accessing information at a point of time and manage it effectively. Some of its key features are as follows:

  1. On file activities: AdminDroid helps monitor editing, creation, deletion and access of files on OneDrive.
  2. Permissions and access: The application monitors who all can access the files, folders, and drives. It also regulates permissions from its dashboards.
  3. Tracking anonymous access: The tool helps keep a check on anonymous users who access sections of the OneDrive and help keep track of their activities.
  4. Monitors activities on folders: AdminDroid helps monitor activities such as creation, deletion, restoration, etc. on folders.

Advanced capabilities of AdminDroid

AdminDroid makes difficult tasks easier. Its advanced capabilities help organize work and also execute it with minimal issues. Some of its advanced features are as follows:

  1. Scheduling emails: While we could always use the software to extract reports, some users prefer it to be done automatically and sent to their email ids simultaneously. Rather, it is a business requirement for many.
  2. Sophisticated filters: Those who work with reports are aware of the need and use of classifying data in a sophisticated manner. Every row and column need to be arranged as per business requirements. AdminDroid helps create filters for the same and even save those filters for future use.
  3. Customization: The application helps customize columns of data as per the user’s needs.
  4. Formats for reports: A comfortable way of keeping reports active is downloading them as excel sheets. AdminDroid allows downloading them as CSV, XLSX, XLS and PDF files.

AdminDroid software allows a single sign-on with Office 365, which means users can log in to the application directly with their Office 365 user credentials. It users Azure Graph API thus eliminating the need of PowerShell. Rather, the software doesn’t even ask for the administrator credentials of the computer. The data is stored on the machine on which the application is installed unless instructed otherwise.

The software can be downloaded from here. The free version allows only 1 Administrator access to its dashboard.