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OneDrive for Android gets casting support with latest update

OneDrive has received some much-needed love over the last few months, with a significant update for its Android app and a new 64-bit sync client for Windows 10. The OneDrive for Android update, which rolled out earlier this year in February, brought a revamped home screen, 8K video support, and more. On the other hand, the new 64-bit client for Windows 10 offered significant performance improvements over the aging 32-bit client. Microsoft is now rolling out yet another major update for OneDrive’s Android app, which brings casting support to the service.

The latest OneDrive for Android update (version 6.29.1) has started rolling out to users via the Play Store. Android Police reports that the update brings support for Chromecast and other casting devices. It gives users a new option to connect to Cast-capable devices on the main file browser or while viewing media. As you can see in the attached screenshots, the app now has a new Cast icon in the top toolbar next to the Search button. Tapping on this icon brings up a pop-up showing all the available Cast-capable devices around.

OneDrive screenshot showing new casting icon in the top toolbar
OneDrive screenshot showing casting pop up with two supported devices
OneDrive screenshot showing casting controls pop up

(Images: Android Police)

Once you select a device from the pop-up, the app starts casting to the chosen device automatically, and the pop-up is replaced with a minimal playback control window. This window includes a play/pause button, a volume slider, and a button to stop casting. It’s worth noting that casting on OneDrive only works with media files that the app can play back natively. If you pick a file format that the app doesn’t support, it will redirect you to another app after downloading the file to local storage.

Android Police further notes that the new casting support may not show up for all users immediately after installing the latest OneDrive update. However, uninstalling and then reinstalling the app seems to fix this issue. You can download the latest OneDrive update for Android by following the Play Store link below. If you don’t see the new cast icon, try reinstalling the app on your phone.

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