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OnePlus 3T launch rumored for November 14

The OnePlus 3 is hotly tipped to get a spec upgrade before the year is out, and the latest leak points towards November 14 as a potential OnePlus 3T launch date.

The word comes from PocketNow, which claims the Chinese startup is organizing a London event this month, with the handset rumored to feature a QHD, LCD display – the OnePlus 3 currently only has a full HD resolution but with the more vibrant AMOLED screen technology.

That’s not the only change which the OnePlus 3T will apparently feature, with an upgraded Snapdragon 821 processor, 128GB storage option and 10% battery increase in the running.

Color us intrigued

There could be new color options too, with black set to bring the OnePlus 3T in line with the on-trend color this year, with both the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel opting for a dark finish.

This new handset would be a slightly odd move from OnePlus, as the plucky upstart is very much focused on keeping costs low on a single smartphone line.

By creating a slightly updated version on its only product there’s a risk that owners of the OnePlus 3 could be angered, while the additional expense which goes into the new handset could have been saved for the OnePlus 4 in 2017.

There is, however, an apparent shortage of AMOLED screens in the market, and OnePlus could be looking to make the switch to LCD to help it keep up with production.

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