OnePlus 9 might launch in March 2021

Within two weeks after the launch of OnePlus 8T, rumors regarding the OnePlus 9 have started coming in. It was recently tipped that the the upcoming phone is codenamed ‘Lemonade.’ Now, it is being reported that the phone will launch sooner than the usual launch timeline. Android Central reports that OnePlus 9 will be launched in March next year. This is four weeks earlier than the OnePlus 8 5G series launch.

Usually, OnePlus launches its flagship devices in May. However, the company revealed the OnePlus 8 5G series earlier this year. The smartphones were launched in April. Now, according to industry sources familiar with OnePlus’ launch schedule, the company might unveil its next flagship devices, the OnePlus 9 series in March 2021.

Coincidentally, OnePlus isn’t the only phone manufacturer planning to launch its flagship device early in the year. According to rumors, Samsung is also planning to launch the Galaxy S21 series earlier than usual. It is being tipped that the South Korean giant might launch its next flagship smartphones in January 2021. Some suggest that Samsung would want to take advantage of Huawei’s presence in the flagship scene. Another theory is that Samsung may want to put some more space between the launch of the regular Galaxy S21 series and the future Galaxy S21 Fan Edition.

Both OnePlus and Samsung have launched mid-range offerings that stole limelight from their flagship lineup respectively. The former introduced the OnePlus Nord, while the latter announced the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. Hence, it makes sense for both the companies to launch their flagships early in the year and give their mid-range offerings more time to breathe.

Source: Android Central