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Onkyo’s TX-SR373 AV Receiver Smoothly Handles 4K and HDR


The company Onkyo has launched a budget-oriented but robustly decked out new 5.1 home theater AV Receiver and it comes loaded with some pretty damn powerful features for such an affordable piece of hardware.

The new TX-SR373 AV Receiver is designed to calibrate sound in a way that will ideally suit whatever room dimensions and conditions you’re trying to pump home entertainment audio into. This is possible due to one of the player’s main features, the AccuEQ Room Calibration technology, which sizes up a room and sets speaker differences based on a user’s listening position, adjusting output and selecting crossover settings for the subwoofer while performing audio equalization.

Then there is the TX-SR373 AV Receiver’s ability to handle DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD multichannel sound formats and doing so while delivering 135W per channel discrete analogue sound amplification.


Of course, the TX-SR373 also comes with features for wireless control. Most notably, it can be controlled via tablet or phone thanks to Bluetooth connectivity and will stream audio from these devices through the same connection. There’s even a feature for editing and refining music to your preferences right from your phone/tablet with the device’s Advanced Music Optimizer, which is a DSP listening mode for compressed audio file enhancement.

For users who have other audio sources they want to use, from SACD, via HDMI, or even from digital and analogue audio inputs, the TX-SR373’s Direct Mode is there to handle and enhance all such music and audio sources.

Then of course the TX-SR373 AV Receiver also handles a whole plethora of gaming consoles, set-top boxes, media players, Blu-ray player devices and most importantly, comes with full through-way support for HDR10, HDCP 2.2 and 4K@60FPS, since you know, who wants an AV Receiver which blocks off all these cutting-edge 4K home entertainment connectivity essentials for HDR and smooth high frame rate ultra HD video?

Connecting the TX-SR373 to a 4K or other TV is as simple as using a single cable, thus eliminating the hassle of having this device contribute to a birds nest of tangled plastic connections behind your home entertainment system. And on a final note, Onkyo’s new AV amp even works with older devices like VCRs and so on.

Onkyo is already selling the TX-SR373 for a retail price tag of £299. However, so far this amp is only selling via Onkyo’s European retail website and can’t be found on the USA site of the company.


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