Onyx's Latest E Ink Tablet Might Be the Perfect Comic Book Reader


Onyx Boox, a popular name in the e-reader market, announced its latest E ink tablet with a color display. The new 10.3-inch Boox Tab Ultra C has an upgraded Kaleido 3 E Ink screen with a higher color resolution and more.

While we enjoyed the original Boox Tab Ultra in our review late last year, thanks to its big screen, friendly form factor, rear camera, and excellent battery life, the new Ultra C kicks things up a notch.

Overall, these two eReader tablets aren’t that different. Potential buyers will enjoy the same design, experience, and software, only now it comes with the latest version of E Ink’s color display technology. And while you can still use it in black-and-white mode, the high color resolution makes things even more enjoyable.

The first thing that comes to mind is how great this will be for reading comics, especially with Onyx’s partnership with Bilibili Comics, not to mention for work with presentations, graphs, and more.

Similar to the original Ultra, the new Ultra C operates with the same 300ppi resolution, but turning on the colors will drop it down to 150ppi. However, the new Kaleiso 3 screen should be far more responsive. So while it won’t look like an iPad for videos or comics, expect an improved experience over older color E ink screens and traditional eReader tablets.

The Tab Ultra C also enjoys a new physical power button, a capacitive fingerprint scanner, and the included stylus and magnetic keyboard cover. It still runs on Android 11 but employs the latest Boox firmware with auto-rotation and adjustable front lights for improved reading and less eye strain.

While Onyx Boox tablets are certainly expensive, the new Tab Ultra C is only $40 more than the regular model and is available now for $599, and ships starting May 10th.

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