Open Broadcaster Software Releases OBS Studio 20

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) has announced the release of OBS Studio 20. The new version of OBS comes in with plenty of additional features, updates and bug fixes.

OBS is much more than just a Linux screen recorder. It is used for capturing audio/video for streaming and supports Youtube Gaming, Twitch, Hitbox and many other platforms.

It is a real time audio/video capturing and mixing software with a streamlined panel configuration for recordings and broadcasts.

It also has options for image correction, custom scenes and switching transitions and many other features that will help in the production of a professional and high quality live streaming broadcasts.

In short, it has everything for your broadcasting needs. And it is available for Linux, Windows and macOS.

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What’s New in OBS Studio 20?

New theme in OBS 20
  • Modular User Interface: The UI might not look very different, but if you visit the View menu, you will see that new options have been added. To see more items, you will need to unlock by un-checking the “Lock UI” box in the View menu. There is also an undock icon on the title bar which when clicked, the section of the UI will pop out as a window on its own. This can be resized and moved about.
  • New Theme: OBS Studio 20 has a new theme called Rachini which can be changed in the Settings → General Theme drop down list. The theme has been well documented leaving it possible for users to create their own themes.
  • Filters / Sources Default Button: A Default button is now available for all filters and sources. This means you don’t have to delete and re-add when testing new settings on sources/filters but reset all back to default values.
  • All OBS sources can now be locked in place. This is to prevent them from being moved in the preview window. Note should be taken that the locking does not prevent it from being deleted.
  • Scaling options are now available for preview. The preview scaling option can now show the exact size of the output as well as it is possible to get different scaling sizes by holding the space bar and zooming in and out with your mouse scroll wheel.
  • It is now possible to do Stinger Transitions with this new release of OBS Studio.
  • An audio clipping alert is now available that changes the bar of the mixer volume level to red when it is peaking.

You can see the details of the new features and updates on the project website.

Download and Installation

You can download the latest version of OBS from its website:

Download OBS