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[Opera Tip] Disable or Customize Built-in Currency Converter Feature

[Opera Tip] Disable or Customize Built-in Currency Converter Feature

Opera web browser’s new version comes with built-in Currency Converter feature which helps you in checking the prices mentioned on a website in your local currency. Once you open a web page containing any price information and you select the price, a pop-up is displayed containing converted pricing amount in your local currency as shown in following screenshot:


Its a very useful and innovative feature but sometimes you may want to disable this feature. If the prices on most websites are already shown in your local currency or if you don’t want to know the price amount in your local currency, you may want to turn off this feature as it connects to Internet to know the conversion rate for your local currency from European Central Bank website which consumes your Internet bandwidth and might send some user information (not sure).

Currency Converter supports conversion in 32 currencies and Opera allows you to change the converted currency format according to your requirements.

This tutorial will help you in disabling or changing currency format of built-in currency converter as shown in following steps:

1. Launch Opera web browser, click on Opera Menu button and then click on Settings option. Alternatively you can directly launch Settings page by pressing Alt+P keys together.

2. Now click on “Browser” section and scroll down to bottom to look for “On text selection convert currency to” option. It’ll be present under “User interface” section.

3. To permanently disable built-in currency converter feature, simply uncheck this option.


4. If you want to switch to a different currency type, keep the option enabled and select desired currency type from the given drop-down list.

That’s it. After following above mentioned steps, you’ll be able to disable currency converter feature or change the currency type.

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