Orbitkey Ring V2 Review: Ridiculously Innovative


Orbitkey Ring V2 holding keys in hand

The Orbitkey Ring v2 allows you to easily put on or take off your keys in a manner that seems effortless. While I wouldn’t ever think to spend $16.90 on a keyring, it has proven to me that it’s worth that and more. It is a significant improvement from the standard keyring we all hate interacting with.

My guess is that you aren’t coming across this review because you’re actively looking for a new keyring. Maybe you are, but for most of us, typical key rings are an annoyance we just live with. Thanks to the Orbitkey Ring v2, we don’t have to accept pinched fingers or broken nails any longer!

Here’s What We Like

  • Gives quick access to keys
  • Easy to interact with
  • Stays shut securely

And What We Don’t

  • End keys block in middle keys

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A Key Ring with FunctionalityPlacing a key into the Orbitkey Ring V2

Have you ever gone to get your car serviced and needed to quickly hand off your keys? No matter how many times I’ve done this, it always flusters me. I feel like I’m holding everybody up as I stand there and fiddle with my keys, trying to free the single one I need.

After having this terrible interaction countless times, I did it once with the Orbitkey Ring 2 and it was a completely different experience.

I was able to open my key ring and free my car key with little effort. Not only was I able to quickly and easily hand over my key, but I also got into a whole conversation about how neat this tiny ring is and how everyone should own one.

I will say, the first time you go to open the ring, it is not exactly intuitive. If you’re like me and skip over the instructions, you’re going to have a rough time. Thankfully, the instructions are quite clear and include helpful diagrams. There is a notch on the lock which helps you orient the lock to properly follow the instructions.

It really is helpful to invest the thirty seconds it takes to get a solid understanding of the instructions. Once you open and close the keyring correctly the first time, it’s very simple to interact with.

The Orbitkey-branded lock sticks out from the ring a bit if you don’t rotate it inward after locking. It rotates pretty freely so it will stick out often, but I don’t mind since it’s a nice grip to hold the keys.

When you open the lock, the lock can slide onto either side of the ring. I would suggest putting the keys you see yourself moving most on the ends. It holds up to ten keys, so anytime you try to access a key in the middle, you have to take off all the ones blocking it in.

This isn’t a problem unless you are trying to swap around your keys while in a hurry. Just keep your car key or accessory/tool on the end for when you have to hand it off at the mechanic and everything will go smoothly!

Secure and Sturdy

Color options of OrbitKey Ring v2

The Orbitkey Ring V2 is made entirely of stainless steel. This surprised me because the lock feels solid but the ring doesn’t give off that same impression.

The reason the ring felt like a different material is that it can flex slightly. While I initially thought this was a flaw, I realized it is quite helpful for car keys. The flex allows it to open a bit wider so you can still use it to hold thicker keys.

I’m glad that this version is all metal. The previous version incorporated a plastic locking system. While it didn’t have anything sticking out like the lock in the V2, the overall ring wasn’t nearly as slim. It was also more prone to breaking. Overall, the Orbitkey Ring V2 looks a lot cleaner.

I’ve mentioned the lock quite a few times, but I just wanted to clarify, the lock is the part that covers the opening. It doesn’t have a code or a key, it just snaps into place and closes the ring so nothing falls out.

The lock is designed quite well. I tested to see if it would pop off when pulling on both sides of the ring next to the lock. For a while, neither the ring nor the lock gave out. Eventually, I was able to pry the lock off, but it took intentional effort that won’t happen accidentally. I never had any problems with the lock opening from being tossed around in my pocket or purse.

This keyring will certainly stand up to day-to-day life.


Orbitkey Ring


Quickly and easily add or remove keys from this innovative keyring from Orbitkey.

Should You Buy the Orbitkey Ring V2?

Orbitkey Ring v2 in hand with lock turned inward

The idea of spending money on a keyring may sound absurd, but in the case of the Orbitkey Ring V2, it is worth it. Most of the time, you will forget you own it, but on the occasions when you have to change your keys, you will certainly appreciate that you have this keyring.


Price: $16.90

Here’s What We Like

  • Gives quick access to keys
  • Easy to interact with
  • Stays shut securely

And What We Don’t

  • End keys block in middle keys

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