Panasonic’s Biggest, Baddest OLED HDR 4K TV Finally Gets A Reveal at IFA 2017


Since unveiling their first ever 4K UHD OLED TV models in September of 2015, Panasonic has gone from there to be a European leader in the production of these groundbreaking and extremely capable types of televisions. In fact, today they’re the second largest maker and distributer of OLED 4K TVs after LG, from which Panasonic buys the display panels themselves (meaning that it’s not quite correct to call the company an LG competitor in this sphere). While the Panasonic OLED line is distributed mostly to the European market, what thy offer is definitely some of the best home theater technology you’ll find on the UHD TV market today. In a fashion that’s typical of OLED 4K HDR displays, these TVs offer perfect black levels, infinite contrast and amazing OLED dimming that’s precise down to the level of a single pixel.

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Now, to top off their existing overall and 2017 lineup of OLED 4K models, Panasonic is finally releasing its giant 77 inch EZ1002 model to the market. First announced by the company at IFA 2017 during a press conference event, the new OLED TV is going to accompany the EZ952 and its own sibling the 65 inch as one of Panasonic’s 2017 4K HDR televisions with this display technology for 2017.

The EZ1002 comes with all the best of Panasonic’s 4K TV display and smart TV enhancements, including a proprietary Studio Colour HCX2 processing chipset, a native 120Hz display panel, fantastic motion handling and some very rich, vibrant and highly realistic color performance for both normal SDR content sources and HDR video entertainment. The EZ1002 has also been tuned up and tested by Deluxe Company 3, EFILM and Encore for approval of studio movie content to a superb, professional level of quality and even for use as a client reference monitor.

77 inch EZ1002 4K HDR OLED TV Panasonic

In a further boost of this particular OLED television’s appeal, it should also be noted that the 65 inch version of the EZ1002 very recently won the title of “Best overall TV of 2017” at the 2017 Crampton & Moore/HDTVtest TV Shootout on August 17th of this year. This is pretty impressive considering the competitor models that this Panasonic flagship model went up against, which consisted of (European market model numbers here but with links to our reviews of their identical U.S market versions):


– Panasonic EZ1002 TX-65EZ1002B OLED TV

Samsung Q9 QE65Q9F QLED LCD TV

Sony A1 KD-65A1 OLED TV


All of these other televisions are stunning performers in their own right and together make up a listing of what are easily some of the world’s best consumer market televisions among all available brands. If the 65 inch EZ1002 could stand out among them, then its 77 inch version will definitely stand out in any home theater space as a TV which genuinely impresses its owners and their guests. We don’t yet have pricing information on this beast of a 77 inch 4K HDR OLED TV but it won’t be cheap, even the 65 inch model comes with a whopping £6,000 MSRP.

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