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Paramount Plus debuts in the UK, Ireland, and South Korea in June, with more countries to follow in the upcoming months

In the recent years, our digital world has been slowly shifting to the subscription format. Whether it be apps, games, or TV shows — the recurring monthly or annual payments are becoming more prevalent. So now instead of owning the digital goods you’re paying for, you get limited-time access for as long as they’re available and you’re subscribed. Some people argue that this format is making it hard for collectors to preserve their favorite art. On the other hand, many prefer paying a small monthly fee for accessing unlimited content. However, this small fee can also end up accumulating to become a significant monthly expense — if users want to subscribe to several services. Just like rivaling companies, Paramount Plus is planning to expand its reach to even more regions. Starting next month, the service will become accessible to those residing in the UK, Ireland, and South Korea.

Paramount Global has announced in an earnings call that Paramount Plus is coming to the UK and Ireland on June 22. The service will make its way to South Korea at some point during that month as well. Additionally, those residing in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland will get to subscribe in the second half of 2022. Finally, Paramount Plus aims to launch in India during 2023, but the exact date remains unclear for now.

Paramount Plus will cost £7/month or £70/year in the UK. Pricing in other regions could vary depending on the local currencies and other factors. Subscribers to the service will get to enjoy content from CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Smithsonian Channel, and more. Whether this subscription is worth your penny depends on your favorite shows and movies. Ultimately, there isn’t an all-encompassing service, and users could find themselves hooked to endless different subscriptions.

Via: Engadget