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Password Exporter For Firefox 57 & Later Versions


Since the release of Firefox 57 (Quantum), existing password export plugins are not working. In Firefox 57 and later versions (current version is 61), there is no way to export saved passwords to a file.

As you likely aware, Firefox saves all passwords in its profile folder. In fact, you can manually backup Firefox passwords by backing up two files located in your Firefox profile folder. You can refer to our how to backup Firefox passwords in 57, and later versions guide for directions to manually backup passwords.

If you don’t want to manually backup those files every time you update a password or save a new password, you can use the help of third-party programs to export passwords saved in Firefox 57 and later versions.

FF Password Exporter

Password Exporter For Firefox 57 & Later Versions

FF Password Exporter is a free tool developed to help Firefox users export their passwords with ease without having to manually backup files containing passwords. The current version of FF Password Exporter enables you to export passwords to CSV and JSON formats.

FF Password Exporter is not just available for Windows, but it’s also available for macOS and Linux distributions.

Exporting Firefox passwords with FF Password Exporter is fairly easy. But if you need assistance, refer to the directions given below.

Using FF Password Exporter to export passwords

Step 1: Download FF Password Exporter from its official page. If you don’t want to install FF Password Exporter, you can download the portable version of the same.

Step 2: Run FF Password Exporter. The utility will select your Firefox, but if you have moved the profile folder to a different location than the default location or you have more than one profiles, select your Firefox profile folder. If you need help in navigating to the profile folder, refer to our Firefox profile location in Windows 10 guide for directions.

Password Exporter For Firefox 57 & Later Versions

Step 3: Next, enter your Firefox’s master password, if you have set one.

Step 4: Finally, choose between CSV or JSON format to export passwords and then click Export Passwords button. Select a location to save the CSV or JSON file containing your Firefox passwords and then click the Save button.


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