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PAX South ‘Snipperclips’ Impressions: The Best Co-Op Puzzle Game Since ‘Portal 2,’ JK

At PAX South, I finally got my hands on the highly sought after Nintendo Switch. I tried a few games like Splatoon 2 and Bomberman, but only one game really made me go WTF. Snipperclips, who’s tag line is “cut it out, together,” is a puzzle game unlike anything I’ve seen before. It may not be the weirdest game I got to play at PAX, but it was definitely the most Nintendo.

In Snipperclips (god, I hate that name), you take one of the Switch’s Joy-Cons and hold it horizontally, either by yourself or with a friend. I have to say, this was my first time actually holding Nintendo’s brand new console and controller and in my hands, it feels amazing. It’s sleek, very light and extremely responsive, like what the Wiimote always wanted to be.

The basic gameplay of Snippys is simple; you need to solve puzzles by cutting your ally into shapes. You can rotate your character by using the buttons on top of the Switch controller, jump with A and cut your ally with Y. The controls take some time to get used to (overcutting your friend is a common occurrence) but once you do the game feels very fluid in your hands.

At first the puzzles are simple, like arranging your team in certain shapes, but as you progress through the game, they get progressively harder.

In our demo, which had the same puzzles shown off at Nintendo’s Treehouse Live streaming event, we had to cut ourselves to fit inside a dotted outline followed by a puzzle that had us drop a basketball in a net. In order to get the basketball, one player needed to cut themselves into a tiny enough shape in order to push a button to drop the basketball. Then, one of the paper men needed to be cut into a bucket, so that you could travel with the ball on top of your head.

Snipperclips is a Nintendo Switch launch title and costs $20. It’s not the must-have Nintendo Switch title, but if you are looking for a simple puzzle game that can be played single or multiplayer, this is your game. If I can ever get my Nintendo Switch preorder, I’ll definitely be playing this game when I need a break from the stress of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.


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