pCloud offers lifetime storage of 500GB to 2TB with single, one-time payment

The past couple of years has seen an explosion of cloud service providers. However, all reputable cloud providers follow the same revenue model – you have to pay for every month of use. Subscription models are the norm in the cloud storage industry. But cloud storage isn’t something you only need for a few months. You need cloud storage for a lifetime, so the monthly costs can dramatically add up in the long run.

pCloud offers the ideal alternative to traditional cloud storage platforms. pCloud offers a one-time license for 500GB or 2TB of cloud storage, which means you gain access to a lifetime of storage after paying once. You can also avail of a limited-time 65% discount on the storage plans, and if you act quickly, you can receive a three-month trial with 500GB of storage space – no credit cards or payment methods necessary.

This article highlights pCloud’s unique features and capabilities.

Pay once, use forever

All well-known cloud service providers follow the subscription model because they understand that cloud storage is a lifelong requirement. Once you save your files and data on the cloud, you’re not likely to stop using the service. As such, the long-term cost of your cloud storage can be pretty dramatic. pCloud offers a one-time license for all users, so you gain access to up to 2TB of cloud storage by paying only once.

Optimal data protection/ privacy features

pCloud takes data protection and privacy seriously, especially since they’re based on Swiss legislation. The ISO-certified data centers in Texas and Luxembourg underwent strict and comprehensive risk assessment, guaranteeing that they meet above-average control standards – they’re compliant with SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II and SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II. They also have various early warning systems against water, fire, smoke, and burglary attempts.

Even in the unlikely scenario that one data center is compromised, all the files are mirrored multiple times at various locations, so there’s absolutely no risk of data loss. pCloud adheres to Swiss legislation, which is one of the strictest data protection legislation in the world. Furthermore, pCloud isn’t subject to the US Patriot Act, so it’s not obliged to release user data to government officials and authorities.

Wide range of workflow features

pCloud has all the typical features you expect from a cloud service. It features a clear dashboard with an intelligent search and filter, allowing you to identify the contents you need without difficulty. You can also share links to specific files with people without pCloud subscriptions, facilitating communications and workflow with everyone. pCloud also features a recycle bin and extensive data recovery tools, so you can also recover files accidentally deleted.

Available on numerous platforms

pCloud runs seamlessly on all Apple platforms because of its macOS integration realized by macFUSE. However, it’s also incredibly seamless in other web browsers and platforms, including Android phones, Linux, Windows, and various browser extensions. Whatever your favored platform might be, you can run pCloud without any problems.

Exclusive, limited-time offers

pCloud is currently offering exclusive, limited-time offers for new users. You receive a three-month trial with 500GB of storage space, for which you don’t have to enter a credit card or payment method. After three months, you can either purchase the one-time license, upgrade to a 2TB storage, or stop using pCloud altogether.

Furthermore, pCloud is offering the storage plans at a significant discount for a limited period:

  • 500GB pCloud Storage: The premium lifetime 500GB plan usually costs €500, but it’s available at a 65% discount for only €175.
  • 2TB pCloud Storage: The premium lifetime 2TB plan usually costs €980, but it’s available at a 64% discount for only €350.

If these numbers seem dramatic, a simple calculation will show that pCloud is far more reasonable than most other cloud platforms, which charge a monthly subscription fee of €10 for 2TB of storage. This means pCloud can essentially be used for free after the 36th month.

Cloud storage is here to stay, so it makes sense that you should own your cloud space rather than renting it long-term.

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