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Peloton Guide tips and tricks: 22 things to know

The Peloton Guide is the company's dedicated strength product, connecting to your TV via HDMI in order to bring Peloton content to your big screen.

Unlike Peloton's other products, the Peloton Guide isn't controlled via touchscreen. Instead, it comes with a remote and while the interface is very similar to what you'll find on the Peloton Bike and Peloton Tread, as well as the Peloton app, you interact with it in a slightly different way.

Whether you are a seasoned Peloton Guide user, or a beginner, we've rounded up our favourite tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Peloton Guide. There is plenty more than what meets the eye with this connected camera, trust us.

How to wake up Peloton Guide

To wake the Peloton Guide up, make sure the right HDMI source is selected on your TV and then simultaneously press any two buttons on the Peloton Guide's remote.

How to put your Peloton Guide to sleep

When you've finished working out, you can just turn your TV off, or switch to a different HDMI input. You can also choose to put your Peloton Guide to sleep. To do this, head to the menu bar on the left and use the remote to scroll down to the power button in the bottom left corner.

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How to setup your Weight Rack for Rep Tracker

There's a feature called Rep Tracker on Peloton Guide that will track the number of reps you do during a class, allowing you to see your progress over time. For Rep Tracker to work, you need to give it details on what weights you have.

Use the remote to open the menu bar on the left of your screen and head to the settings. You'll then need to use the remote to go into Weight Rack within the settings menu. From here, you can select which dumbbells you own as a pair by selecting from the list, or choose a custom weight. Remember to hit 'Done' in the top right corner when you're finished.

How to add a heart rate monitor to Peloton Guide

Peloton's own heart rate tracker will automatically connect to Peloton Guide once you have set it up, but if you have a third party heart rate tracker you want to use, you can connect it to the Guide using Bluetooth.

Use the Guide's remote to access the menu bar on the left and head into settings. From here, select Heart Rate Monitor and select your heart rate monitor from the list of available devices. You'll need to make sure it is turned on and within range.

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How to change your profile to private on Peloton Guide

If you want your Peloton profile to be private, you can toggle this on in settings. Use the remote to access the menu bar on the left and head to settings. You'll then want to use the remote to click on the Privacy tile and toggle on 'Private Profile'.

How to hide your age or gender in Peloton Guide classes

Age and gender will appear in the Peloton leaderboards by default but you can hide them if you don't want everyone to know roughly how old you are and what gender you are. Use the remote to access the menu bar on the left and head to settings. You'll then want to use the remote to head to the Privacy tile and toggle on Hide Age/Gender In-Class.

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How to turn off the microphone or camera on Peloton Guide

The Peloton Guide has a physical camera cover and a physical microphone switch. To turn off the camera, slide the camera cover to the right. To turn off the microphone, switch the microphone button on the back to the left.

Change the audio output

Fancy your favourite Peloton instructor blaring out of your favourite Bluetooth speaker instead of your TV? If you don't have a soundbar linked up to your TV, we highly recommend this tip!

Launch the menu bar on the left of your screen using the Guide remote, and head to settings. You'll then want to find the Audio tile. Click on Audio Output using the remote and select your Bluetooth speaker from the list of available devices. You'll need to make sure it's turned on and in range for it to appear.

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Setup voice control

Peloton Guide has voice control on board which allows you to say "Ok Peloton" during a class, followed by a command to control playback, sound and appearance. You have to calibrate voice control before you can use it, but it's very quick and easy to do, and worth it.

To do this, head to the menu bar on the left of your screen and use the remote to access settings. You'll then need to head to the Voice Control tile and follow the instructions. You'll need to say four phrases out loud towards your Peloton Guide to calibrate your voice.

What can you do with Peloton Voice Control on Peloton Guide?

Once you have setup voice control on Peloton Guide, there are a range of commands you can use. These include the following - remember you'll need to say "Ok Peloton" before any of them:

  • Open class controls
  • Show the leaderboard
  • Hide self mode
  • Show self mode
  • Switch self mode view
  • Change self mode to side-by-side
  • Change self mode to stacked
  • Turn on English subtitles
  • Show my calorie count
  • Open class settings
  • Change medium weights to 10 pounds
  • Change to 5kg for biceps
  • Change weight level to medium for next shoulder set
  • Change to light weights for previous arms segment
  • More instructor mix
  • More music mix
  • Rewind 20 seconds
  • Skip forward 2 moves
  • Repeat this move
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Hide English, German or Spanish classes

By default, you'll see all classes Peloton offers on Guide, which includes English, German and Spanish classes. You can choose to hide classes or choose to only show classes with subtitles in the languages you don't speak.

Open the menu bar on the left and head to settings using the remote. You'll then need to tap on the Preferences tile and tap on Class Languages. From here, you can head into English, German and Spanish and choose whether to show all, show only subtitled or hide all.

Hide Strive Score

Strive Score is a non-competitive statistic based on your heart rate zones. It's something that you'll find across all Peloton devices. If you don't want to see it, you can hide it from others, as well as choose not to have it track or display at all.

Open the menu bar on the left and head to settings using the remote. Tap on the Preferences tile and scroll down to features at the bottom using the remote. From here, you can choose to toggle Strive Score on or off for tracking, as well as choose whether to hide it from others during classes.

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How to turn off Movement Tracker

Movement Tracker gives you credit for continuing to move during a class. It's great, but you can turn it off if you don't fancy being judged for having a little rest in between sets.

Open the menu bar on the left and head to settings using the remote. Tap on the Movement Tracker tile and toggle 'Track and Display Movement Tracker' on or off depending on your preference. You can also toggle on or off 'Smart Framing', which automatically zooms in and out to keep you centered.

How to see your Body Activity on Peloton Guide

Body Activity is a feature Peloton offers across its products, allowing you to see which muscles you have worked in the last 30 days and the last 7 days. It's designed to help you work out which muscles you should consider resting and which you should consider working.

Open the menu bar on the left and head to profile using the remote. Make sure you are in the Overview tab at the top and use the remote to scroll down the sections to Body Activity.

Peloton Guide - 22

How to start a class with Rep Tracking

Rep Tracking is only available on certain classes on Peloton Guide. To find classes that are tailored to Rep Tracking, and offer it, head to the menu bar on the left and select classes using the Guide remote.

You'll see a Rep Tracking banner at the top of the listed classes. If you click on the banner with your remote, you will then be taken to the collection of classes offered with Rep Tracking.

How to change weights during a class

If you've selected weights for a class but you have under - or over - estimated yourself, you can change your options during a class so the Rep Tracker makes the correct calculations.

During a workout, you can either use voice control to change them, or use the remote next to click on the arrow next to the weights. Alternatively, you can press the three lines on the remote and scroll down to Weight Settings.

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How to change Self Mode options during a class

Self Mode is a feature that uses the Guide's camera to show you how you look on the screen in order to help you check your form alongside the instructor. There are a couple of different views - Minimised, Stacked, Side-by-Side and Hidden. We use Minimised the most as otherwise most of the class information is hidden, but you might find you prefer one of the others.

To change the Self Mode view during a class, you can either say "Ok Peloton" followed by "Change Self Mode to minimised" or "Change Self Mode to Stacked" if you have voice control set up. If you don't, tap on the three lines on your remote and switch between the options using your remote.

How to start a Program on Peloton Guide

Peloton offers a number of programs across its products. Programs are a great way to stay focused and give you motivation. There are plenty on offer depending on the Peloton device if you have. For Guide, there are Programs designed for the Guide's Movement Tracker, which will give you credit for continuing to move during a workout, though you'll see other Programs too.

To find the Peloton Guide's Programs, head into your profile on the Guide and open the left menu bar. Use the Guide's remote to head to programs and scroll through the various options. Press the centre button on the remote when you find one that you like the look of.

If they use Movement Tracker, you'll see the Peloton Movement Tracker symbol alongside the image of the trainer. Opening each Program up will give you a little more information, like the number of weeks and how many minutes per day. You'll need to select Start Program to get going.

Peloton Guide - 30

Peloton Programs all have varying lengths and schedules. You can of course choose how you break up the classes in a week, but each Program also has a recommended schedule. To see what the recommended schedule is, and get a little more information on what each Program involves, open the menu bar on the left and use the remote to scroll down to Programs.

Find the Program you like the look of and press the middle button inside the top pad on the remote. You'll then need to use the arrows on the remote to scroll down to Recommended Schedule at the bottom, where you'll see a breakdown of what is suggested.

How to see how your progress on Programs

When you're in a Program on Peloton, they will appear at the top of the Home section on your Peloton Guide. To find them, open the menu bar on the left and click on the Home icon with your remote. The Programs you are following appear immediately and you can use your remote to click on them and select Progress Report to find out how you're doing.

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How to find a class on Peloton Guide

Like with all Peloton products, there are a hundreds of classes available to take. Peloton Guide is of course tailored to Strength workouts, but you can use it to access the rest of Peloton's content too, so if you fancy a bit of yoga in your living room, or some stretching, it has you covered.

Open the menu bar on the left and tap on Classes using the remote. You can then select the type of class you want - whether that's Strength, Yoga, Cardio, Stretching, Meditation, Cycling, Running, Walking or one of the Bootcamps.

Search the Collections

Peloton offers Collections across all its products, and these range from artist collections to travel collections, with everything in between. There are collections specifically designed for Peloton Guide though, which is a great place to start if you're new to Guide and you want some inspiration.

Open the menu bar on the left side of your screen and scroll down to Collections using your remote. You'll then be able to see all the Collections available. Look out of Peloton Picks: Guide. You never know what you'll stumble across in your hunt though.

Happy Guiding.