Philips Hue Play box adds voice assistants, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision support

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If you love the idea of Philips Hue - the colour-changing lights that you can app control - working in conjunction with your TV (it needn't be a Philips set), then there's a box for that: the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box.

Thing is, at launch, the box - which commands Philips Hue light setups to work in collaboration with on-screen content, to 'extend' the frame - had some issues with compatible content. If you fed it an HDR10+ or Dolby Vision presentation, for example, it wouldn't be able to decode that information and, therefore do nothing.

That problem has now been fixed, as the HDMI Sync Box will now accept HDR10+ and Dolby Vision signals and respond accordingly. That ought to mean there's no current content standards it won't function with.

In addition, the box is now also compatible with voice assistants right across the board. So whether you prefer to use Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple's Siri, that trio will be able to listen should you wish to change any modes by using your voice - perhaps the light intensity or speed, for example.

When we reviewed the hilips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box at the beginning of 2020, we liked the idea - but ultimately thought that a Philips Ambilight TV (which has integrated LEDs across a number of its back edges) was a neater method to enjoy the audio-visual Hue experience when watching TV.

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