How to Bulk Resize Large Images in WordPress

Uploading large images to your site can significantly slow down your site. This is why we recommend users to always save images optimized for the web. However if you run a multi-author site, then it can be difficult to monitor images uploaded by other users. What if we told you that you can automatically resize large images on your WordPress site, even long after they are uploaded? In this article, we will show you how to bulk resize large images in WordPress.

Important: Proszę backup your WordPress site before bulk resizing images. Once resized, this action cannot be undone.

First thing you need to do is install and activate the Imsanity plugin. Upon activation simply go to Settings » Imsanity do skonfigurować the plugin.

Imsanity plugin settings

The plugin allows you to choose the maximum image size for all images uploaded to a post/page, images uploaded directly to media library, and images uploaded for theme options.

The default value is 1024 x 1024 pixels which you can change at any time.

Below the image sizes, you have the options to choose image quality, convert BMP to JPG, and PNG to JPG.

The default WordPress image quality for jpegs is 90, and setting it lower will result in loss of quality. Converting your BMP files to jpegs is always a good idea. jednak, converting PNG files to JPG does not always result well.

Gdy skończysz, press the save changes button to store your settings.

On the same page, you will find a Search Images button at the bottom. Click on it to locate files that are larger than maximum sizes you defined in your settings.

The plugin will locate and display large images.

Resize large images

Review the results and uncheck any images that you don’t want to resize.

Gdy skończysz, wciśnij Resize Image Sizes przycisk, and the plugin will start resizing images into the maximum values you entered in settings. It will also automatically zastąpić large images with the normal sized ones.

To wszystko, we hope this article helped you bulk resize large images in WordPress.

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