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How To Launch An App From Quick Settings [Android]

The Notifications shade in Android has tiles for toggling quick settings. Android doesn’t have a built-in tool to create custom tiles though there are apps available for just this purpose. The toggles usually connect with a system setting like the Bluetooth or WiFi switch on your

ProtonMail Launches Tor Onion Site to Evade State Censorship

Encrypted email provider ProtonMail has launched its own onion address, allowing users to access the service over the Tor anonymizing network (via TechCrunch). The Swiss-based email account provider, which has more than 2 milion użytkowników, said the measure was aimed at defending against state-sponsored censorship, i…

StubHub Becomes First Ticketing App on Apple TV

StubHub is coming to Apple TV, marking what it says is the first ticketing app on the tvOS App Store. The app has been specifically designed for the fourth-generation Apple TV, enabling users to browse, Szukaj, and purchase tickets for sports games, concerts, theater and comedy

Nintendo Super Mario Run przychodzi do iPhone 7

Stop the presses! Apple has kicked off its iPhone 7 launch event with a major coup: Nintendo's Mario is officially coming to the iPhone App Store. Super Mario Run will be an endless runner, rather than your standard Mario platformer. Innymi słowy, it's optimised for

Best Evernote alternatives for Mac

The best: OneNote See on App Store If you are looking for an alternative to Evernote, OneNote is your best option thanks to the wide variety of features, cross-platform compatibility, and cloud syncing. Bottom-line: If you don't like the way Evernote's new pricing structure is headed,

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