POC launches self-powered smart bike helmet, Omne Eternal

For a while now you’ve been able to get your hands on well-made bike helmets that integrate safety lights into their frames to give you a bit more visibility in low light conditions.

They’re handy for safety, but have all had the same drawback – remembering to charge their batteries occasionally is a bit of a drag. POC looks like it may have come up with an elegant solution to that with its new helmet, the Omne Eternal.

The second half of that name is apt – the helmet is made with a healthy serving of Powerfoyle, a material that can harvest energy from light regardless of its source.

If that sounds like a calculator with a solar strip on it, it’s not far off, but Powerfoyle can seemingly use indoor light to charge too, making it more adaptable than a solar charger.

That lets the Omne Eternal use its automatic safety lights automatically without ever running out of power (unless you’re going for some kind of 12-hour long night ride, potentially).

All this comes together to make for a seriously premium helmet, though – the Omne Eternal should launch in June 2021 and is projected to cost €250 (£217), which is a darn sight more than we’ve ever paid for a helmet.

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