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Pokémon Bank Update: How To Figure Out Gen 1 Natures Before Transferring To ‘Sun And Moon’

Transferring Pokémon from the Red, Blue and Yellow virtual console releases to Sun and Moon is simple with the Pokémon Bank update, and the Pokémon transported gain a nature and ability when moving to Alola.

It’s already known that the abilities the Gen 1 Pokémon get are their Hidden Abilities but the nature was thought to be randomly chosen — turns out, it’s not random at all. Pokémon Bank determines the nature of Pokémon transferred from Red, Blue and Yellow based on the experience that Pokémon has accumulated. Fortunately, some intrepid Pokémon fans have discovered a formula to determine a Pokémon’s nature before it moves to Sun and Moon.

By taking the experience a Pokémon has gained and dividing it by 25, the remainder will determine the nature.

Here’s the nature conversion chart:

Some notes about the conversion. It does seem that having any glitched Pokémon, including Mew, may skew the number and nature given when that Pokémon is transferred.

To find a Pokémon’s experience points in Red, Blue and Yellow , just go to the Pokémon’s summary. Right below its name is the number of experience points.

pokemon rby red blue yellow summary The EXP Points will determine the Pokemon’s nature in ‘Sun and Moon’

So if you want to manipulate this number to get the nature you want, you can have your Pokémon defeat low level Pidgey/Weedle in the early routes of the game or as one reddit user discovered, leaving a Pokémon at the Daycare center can be easier.

Every step gives your Pokémon one experience point, so you can count the amount of steps you take before taking back your Pokémon to get the right number for the nature you want.

So have you tried to get the nature you want from your RBY Pokémon before transferring to Sun and Moon ? Let us know your method in the comments section below.


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