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‘Pokémon Duel’ Text Not Found Or Not Working On Android/iOS? Developers Respond!

Pokémon Duel is taking Android and iOS by storm, but some players say the game is not working or displaying a “text not found” error code. The project’s developers at the Pokémon Company have responded to fan complaints via social media.

First and foremost, the most recent tip provided by the developers is that those experiencing issues should not reinstall the app in an attempt to fix bugs. A recent tweet notes “later your data will be difficult to recover, and, in other cases, it will be impossible.” This warning is exceptionally salient to those who have already spent time making their way through the tutorial and started collecting figures. No trainer wants their mini monsters to be lost.

With regard to the errors in specific, the devs add that “we are still working to provide you with a better experience.” Certain “text not found” bugs are a top priority the team is currently “working to resolve.”

In other words, if Pokémon Duel isn’t working on your iOS or Android device, there doesn’t appear to be much you can do about it right now. Folks on reddit have tried in vain to look for workarounds with little success. That being said, emergency server maintenance did just wrap up a few hours ago. It’s possible that a partial remedy might come from those tweaks.

We wish we could offer a more concrete solution, but the best one is to have a little patience. Following the massively successful release of Pokémon Go, it makes sense that this new app would inherit many of its mobile predecessor’s server problems. Especially when the product on offer is free, it’s difficult for its servers to not get overwhelmed with new users.

Pokémon Duel came to the U.S. on Tuesday and is currently available for iOS and Android.

Have you experienced “text not found” or other game-breaking errors in your time with Pokémon Duel? Tell us in the comments section!


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