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Pokémon Go holiday boxes: Are they worth the coins?

Pokémon Go is offering three holiday event boxes — special, great, and ultra! But should you get one?

Looks like the holiday and New Year event wasn’t all Pokémon Go had waiting for us — they’ve also introduced new holiday event boxes. There’s a Special Box, Great Box, and Ultra Box and each is filled with balls, incubators, and the last two, incense as well. They’re not gift boxes because you have to pay for them, but they are sale boxes, which means there may be some value in getting them. And that prompts the question — are they worth it?

Special Box — 250 PC

The Special Box, which is red with a green ribbon, contains:

  • 10x Great Balls
  • 2x Egg Incubators.

You can’t normally buy Great Balls, only get them from PokéStops, so that in-and-of-itself may make the box worth the buy. To put it in context, though, normal Poké Balls cost 100 coins for 20, or 5 coins each. Great Balls, based on catch bonus, are worth 1.5 Poké Balls. So, that puts 10 Great Balls at roughly a 75 coin value (if you could buy them, which you can’t.).

Egg Incubators normally cost 150 coins each. So that’s 300 coins for two.

Doing the math, we get: 75 + 300 = 375.

Special Box gives you 375 coins worth of Great Balls and Incubators for 250 coins.


Great Box — 550 PC

The Great Box, which is blue with red ribbon, contains:

  • 20x Great Balls
  • 2x Incense
  • 4x Egg Incubators

Again, you can’t normally buy Great Balls, you have to get them from PokéStops, but 20 Poké Ball cost 100 coins. Great Balls, based on catch rate, are worth 1.5 Poké Balls, which makes 20 theoretically worth 150 coins.

Incense costs 80 coins, so two would be 160. Egg Incubators normally cost 150 coins each. So that’s 600 coins for four.

Doing the math, we get: 150 + 160 + 600 = 910.

Great Box gives you 910 coins worth of Great Balls, Incense, and Incubators for 550 coins.


Ultra Box – 1500

The Ultra Box, which is gold with white ribbon, contains:

  • 20x Ultra Balls
  • 25x Incense
  • 6x Egg Incubators

Like Great Balls, you can’t normally buy Ultra Balls, so that alone might make the Ultra Box worth it to you. 20 Poké Balls cost 100 coins. Ultra Balls, based on catch rate, are worth 2.0 Poké Balls, which makes 20 theoretically worth 200 coins.

25 Incense normally costs 1250. Egg Incubators normally cost 150 coins each. So that’s 900 coins for six.

Doing the match, we get: 200 + 1250 + 900 = 3350.

Ultra Box gives you 3350 coins worth of Ultra Balls, Incense, and Incubators for 1500 coins.


So, are any of the boxes worth it?

If you don’t mind paying to win, the Ultra Box gives you more than double the items for your coins. Normally, 1250 coins gets you 25 Incense. With Ultra Box, just 250 more coins also gets you 6 Incubators and 20 Ultra Balls, which you typically can’t buy at all.

Great Box gives you almost double the items for your coins, though you’re getting Great Balls instead of Ultra Balls.

Special Box offers the least items and the least savings, but if you really want some Ultra Balls and don’t want to spend many coins, it’s an option.

How do I get a Pokémon Go Holiday Box?

Same as you get anything in Pokémon Go — from the Shop!

  1. Tap the Poké Ball button at the bottom center.
  2. Tap on Shop. (It looks like a present during the holiday event.)
  3. Tap on the Box you want to buy.

  4. Tap on Exchange For to make the purchase.
  5. Tap on the X button when you’re done.

If you don’t have enough coins to buy the box, you’ll first need to make an in-app purchase to get more coins. That’s right, real money for game money for game items. It’s how the app economy works!

Can you buy multiple holiday boxes?

Absolutely! Pokémon Go is happy to take as many of your coins as you’ll give them.

It’s more economical to buy an Ultra Box than a couple of Great Boxes or several Special Boxes, though. But you’re in the best position to know your finances.

Help! It says my storage is full!

Yeah… all those new items take space in your virtual backpack. You can buy more storage if you want to. Your other option is to ditch items you’re currently carrying, including Potions and Revives, to make room for the holiday box items.

  1. Tap the Poké Ball button at the bottom center.
  2. Tap on Items on the right.
  3. Tap on the trash can to the right of the item you’re willing to discard.
  4. Tap on the + button to increase the number of items you’re willing to discard.
  5. Tap Yes to confirm.

I generally dump basic Potions and Revives before I’ll dumb more powerful potions and Max Revives. If you’re not fighting in many Gym battles, you’ll have time to stock back up after the event.

Any holiday gift box questions?

If you’ve got any questions about gift boxes, or the Pokémon Go holiday event in general, drop them in the comments!


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