Pokémon Go Prestige Update: How To Calculate Maximum Prestige During Battles

  • 1 min read
  • Dec 06, 2016

Niantic Labs on Monday informed players through the Pokémon Go Twitter account the amount of “Prestige” gained while training at friendly gyms was changed again.

In the game, players need to train at a gym to increase Prestige to the maximum level of 10. Prestige determines players’ battle plans in the game.

In the earliest versions, players could accumulate a maximum of 1,000 Prestige points per battle in a friendly gym or a gym claimed for the player’s team. In July, the maximum points to be won at a time was lowered to 500. And now, Niantic has reverted to the original 1,000 for maximum Prestige accumulated in a game.

When the company downgraded available Prestige, players tried to get around it by allowing their gyms to be taken over, just to indulge in a battle and gain more Prestige. This ruined the dynamic of gym battles and gave attackers an edge over defenders, and became the cause of complaint for many players.

It seems that Niantic’s developers heeded the players’ feedback and reverted Prestige to a maximum level of 1,000.

Now players can calculate their prestige by using this formula:

  • When your attacker has a lower CP than the defender: 500 x (Defender CP / Attacker CP)
  • When your attacker has a higher CP than the defender: 310 x (Defender CP / Attacker CP) – 55

Pokémon Go fans have already started responding positively to the change.