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‘Pokémon Go’ Spawn Rates: Pidgey, Rattata And Zubat Encounters Decreased; Eevee Easier To Hatch

An unexpected update has come to Pokémon Go and it’s something that many players have been clamoring for since the beginning.

The spawn and encounter rates of some of the most common Pokémon have been reduced and other Pokémon have taken their place. These common Pokémon being reduced include Pidgey, Rattata and Zubat, according to the official Pokémon Go social accounts.

Also, Pidgey and Rattata won’t be hatching from eggs any longer. Pokémon Go trainers can now hatch those 2KM eggs without fear of getting these common ‘Mon. However, you’ll likely still get a ton of Caterpie and Weedle though but, hey, your chance at hatching the Starter Pokémon should increase now.

While we’re on the subject of eggs in Pokémon Go , Niantic also confirmed that Eevee will now be found in 5KM eggs instead of 10KM eggs. It should be easier to hatch Eevees for those still looking for the best Eevees to evolve into Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon.

With the decrease in Pidgey and Rattata encounters in Pokémon Go , the remixed Pokémon Go Rap is not as funny as it once was… Ok that’s a lie, it’s still pretty funny.

Niantic recently announced the next big Pokémon Go update will include Daily Tasks that include catching Pokémon and visiting PokeStops for extra experience points.

So what do you think of this unexpected update to Pokémon Go ? What do you still hope is updated next for the mobile game? Sound off in the comments section below.


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