‘Pokémon GO’ Tips And Tricks: PokéStops, PokéHunting And Other Strategies To Maximize Gen 2 Pokémon Update Experience

Niantic and The Pokémon Company officially rolled out the highly anticipated Gen 2 Pokémon Update to “Pokémon GO.” While the Pokémon GO team announced the changes such as the addition of Johto Region Pokémon, new Evolutions, the revamped gameplay, the inclusion of new Berries and the new Avatar customizations, there are some things the team did not reveal to players of the famous iOS and Android mobile gaming app. Fortunately, one player listed and shared all of the things every Trainer should know in order for them to make the most of the new update.

Reddit user Darkones generously shared his knowledge on the Gen 2 Update this Saturday, and most of them appear to be very helpful to first-time players or those who have yet to update their app but are planning to do so this weekend. The list includes tips and tricks that could help Trainers decide which Pokémon they should focus on catching at this point and the things to do now that a lot of “Pokémon GO” features have been modified.

First off all, Darkones suggested players should not hesitate to spin all of the PokéStops they stumble upon starting this weekend. This is because Berries, especially the Pinap Berry, and the Evolution items are quite rare. It’s best to collect as many of them as possible, for they will be useful in any encounter with the Gen 2 creatures.

Speaking more about the Pinap Berry, the Redditor stated that this food item is like magic. Trainers are encouraged to use Pinap Berry to every Pokémon that can evolve to stronger monsters. When a player feeds a precursor with a Pinap Berry, the pocket monster will give the former 6 Candy. Hence, evolving the creature can be realized faster. Darkones got this knowledge based on his experience with evolving Croconaw to Feraligatr and Bayleef to Meganium.

Trainers are advised to try their best in obtaining Scyther or Chansey because Scizor and Blissey are rare and strong creatures. Scizor will be very useful in battles, while Blissey can serve as a gym defender since it does a good job in doing so. Catching a Chincou is also highly recommended. Chinchou evolves into Lanturn, which is a great water Pokémon that damages opponents and resists other water creatures quite well.

Darkones warned players that Heracross does not do a good job in damaging Exeggutor and the same can be said of Snorlax. As for Eevee Gen 2 evolutions Espeon and Umbreon, the Redditor said Trainers should learn to control themselves and to not evolve Eevee to either Umbreon and Espeon with the name-changing trick just because they want to. They should only evolve a strong Eevee to increase the chance of obtaining strong Eeveelutions, especially in the case of Espeon, which is regarded as a great monster.

For players who are yearning to get their hands on Larvitar, they should know that this Ground/Rock-type Pokémon is just like Gen 1 Pokémon Dratini. It is best to frequent Larvitar’s nest to secure a Tyranitar that is known to be a very powerful monster. Ironically, Heracross has the capacity to crush a Tyranitar that does not have a Stone Edge.

Darkones also learned of certain changes that have been imposed since the Gen 2 Pokémon Update arrived this week. A good example to this is the gym meta. From now on, Vaporeon isn’t as fast as before, while Snorlax overall improved. Lapras has also become weaker. Comparing Fast Moves and Charge Moves, the former has been nerfed while the latter has been buffed.

Finally, the Redditor advised his fellow Trainers to take over gyms as early as now. This is because many players are opting to go PokéHunting in search for new monsters or to gather Evolution items. Therefore, there is little chance of contesting against strong Pokémon and Trainers at gyms. Plus, it’s about time for other players to collect the 100 PokéCoins that come as a gift for taking over a gym.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update There are certain tricks Trainers can do to make the most of “Pokémon GO’s” Gen 2 Pokémon Update.


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