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‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’: Mysterious Pokémon, New Ultra Beasts And Starter Z-Moves Revealed In CoroCoro

The last issue of CoroCoro before Pokémon Sun and Moon releases has begun to leak and reveals two new Ultra Beasts, the starter Pokémon will get their own special Z-Moves and a mysterious new Pokémon.

Three Ultra Beasts have been confirmed in Pokémon Sun and Moon so far, with two of them seemingly version exclusives. Now, CoroCoro has revealed two new Ultra Beasts each looking to be version exclusives as well.

pokemon sun and moon new ultra beasts Two new Ultra Beasts

Pokémon Sun will have the white and orange Ultra Beast while Pokémon Moon will include the long, blueish black Ultra Beast. Translations on the scans have not been completed but will update this story as soon as more details emerge.

As for the mysterious new Pokémon, we have this large black Pokémon. According to Serebii, this Pokémon is a mysterious and the issue of CoroCoro asks what it has to do with Solgaleo and Lunala, the box Legendaries of Pokémon Sun and Moon, respectively.

pokemon sun and moon corocoro mysterious new A mysterious new Pokemon in ‘Sun and Moon’

This month’s CoroCoro also revealed that the Final Starter evolutions will be getting their own Z-Moves. According to the scans, Decidueye will have the move Sinister Arrows Strike while Incineroar has Hyper Dark Crusher.

corocoro pokemon sun and moon starter z-moves The final starter evolutions will get their own Z-Moves.

Information on Primarina’s Z-Move and the effects of all the Z-moves is not yet available but we will update.

Up to this point, only Pikachu, Eevee, Snorlax and Alola Raichu have had their specific Z-Moves revealed.

Pokémon Sun and Moon releases Nov. 18.

So what do you think of the new Pokémon and Ultra Beasts? Are you happy the final starter evolutions are getting Z-Moves? Sound off in the comments section below.


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