Popular Hololive Vtuber Minato Aqua Getting Her Own Visual Novel “Aquarium” for PS4 & Nintendo Switch

Today Entergram revealed the upcoming visual novel titled “Aquarium” starring popular Vtuber Minato Aqua.

The visual novel will release in Japan for PS4 and Nintendo Switch on October 27, with a full reveal coming on June 30. The PS4 version will be sold only on the PSN, while the Switch version will also get a physical release.

Pre-orders will open at the same time as the full reveal on June 30.

At the moment, we don’t have any screenshots or footage besides the key artwork that you can enjoy at the bottom of the post, starring Minato Aqua herself.

If you’re not familiar with Minato Aqua, she’s a virtual YouTuber belonging to the well-established Hololive agency, counting over 1.6 million users on her YouTube channel.

The game apparently doesn’t only feature Minato Aqua as the heroine but she also covered the role of producer.

It’s set in a medieval-like world in which Aqua has lost her memories and works as a maid, and the story is a pure love tale in which she will overcome the difference in status with the hero, who is part of the nobility. All characters will be fully voiced.

At the moment, no western release has been announced, but Hololive Vtubers have a certain following in the west, so you never know. Of course, you can expect further coverage here on Twinfinite as soon as more is revealed.

Aquarium Minato Aqua

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