Possible specs of LG Rollable leaked

Earlier today we had some of the first videos of LG’s upcoming Rollable expanding smartphone, and now, from the same source, we may have some of the specs.

Reliable tipster @cozyplanes has given us some idea about what LG’s upcoming rollable smartphone could look like. The tipster posted a few GIF images, showcasing the smartphone from both front and back.

He has now also posted some specs:

The specs note a 7.4-inch expandable screen, 2428 × 1080 (20:9) resolution, with a video mode with 2428 × 1366 (16:9) and Productivity mode of 2428 × 1600 (3:2).

The device will also have a reasonable 4200 mAh battery, Qualcomm’s latest 888 processor and a massive 16 GB of RAM, suggesting we are not looking at a cheap handset.

LG is not the only company that’s working on a rollable display phone. Both Samsung and TCL have filed patents for a smartphone that features a rollable display, so it’s safe to assume that, these two companies may also launch their first-ever rollable smartphones to go head to head against LG.

LG is however one of the few companies that dares to challenge the way we use a smartphone by offering various smartphone form factors. The company recently launched the world’s first-ever T-shaped foldable smartphone called Wing.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about what’s inside LG’s upcoming rollable smartphone, nor do we have any idea about when it’ll hit the market. But rest assured we will keep you updated about all the latest information about the company’s upcoming rollable smartphone.

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