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How To Preserve Camera Settings In iOS 10

The Camera app in iOS always defaults to Photo mode. The app supports several different modes for capturing photos and videos including a time-lapse video recording mode and a panorama photo capture mode. You can switch between these and other modes by swiping left or right. When you leave the app and return to it later, it always returns to the Photo mode. The app also supports live filters but like the different capture modes, the filter is also reset to ‘None’ when you leave the app. Users have found this to be a hindrance and iOS 10.2 has a setting that lets you preserve the camera mode and the filter you’ve applied even after you leave the app. Here’s how to enable it.

Open the Settings app and go to Photos & Camera. Scroll down to the ‘Camera’ section and the first setting is ‘Preserve Settings’. Tap it to go to the Preserve Settings screen.

You have two options here; Camera Mode and Photo Filter. The ‘Camera Mode’ switch will keep the Camera app from resetting to the default ‘Photo’ mode. If you switch to the ‘Square’ or ‘Video’ mode, it will remain in the mode when you return to the app.

The ‘Photo Filter’ switch will retain the live filter you’ve applied in the Camera. It will persist when you exit and next open the app.

ios-10-photos-camera ios-10-camera-preserve-settings

Apple has been wise enough to keep both these settings separate instead of bundling them together into one switch. Users who want the Camera app to remember which mode it was last used in may not necessarily want to do the same for the filters they use. No other settings besides the two explained above are preserved. Zoom and exposure are automatically reset each time you open the app. The app has always remembered which camera, front or rear, you used and will preserve it just as it always has.

The new settings, particularly for the camera mode, will be welcome. Constantly having to select the mode you want to use each time you open the camera app is time consuming and might even result in lost moments.


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