Project Scorpio Release Date Revealed? Microsoft's Teasers Have Hidden Messages

Microsoft has released a series of videos teasing the Project Scorpio Xbox console’s appearance at E3 2017. Eagle-eyed fans have discovered hidden messages in the videos, and they believe that it may reveal the Xbox Scorpio release date, price and real name.

Microsoft has shared the new “Feel the Power” teasers for Project Scorpio across all of its social network pages. One fan on Twitter has analyzed all of the teaser videos frame by frame and has discovered hidden messages that appear to be giving away details about the upcoming Scorpio console.

Microsoft hasn’t really been shy in touting the power and performance of Project Scorpio. The company has even said that the Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever made when it hit stores later this year.

Project Scorpio The hidden message “6>4” as seen in one of the teaser videos for Project Scorpio.

One of the teasers published on the Xbox UK Facebook page takes a bit of a jab at the PlayStation 4 Pro. Pausing the video around the 0:05 mark will show a ferris wheel and a white tent on its lower left side. The tent shows the message “6>4,” which might represent the Xbox Scorpio’s 6 teraflops of power and the PS4 Pro 4.12 teraflops.

The second teaser that appears to have a hidden message was also shared on the Xbox UK Facebook page. Once again, the message can be seen at the 0:05 mark which shows what appears to be a concert crowd.

The hidden message can be seen on the far-right side of the frame. The message reads “X10S101-317.”

Project Scorpio The hidden message “X10S101-1317” as seen on one of the teaser videos.

It’s being speculated that the “101-317” part of the code is the date 10/13/17, or October 13, 2017. This might be the Project Scorpio release date. The date also lands on a Friday, the same weekday that the original Xbox One console was debuted back in 2013, as pointed out by Windows Central.

As for the rest of the code, “X10S” is believed to be the Project Scorpio’s real name. Some have speculated that the code means Xbox 10 S, and that will be the official name of the Xbox Scorpio.

It was discovered earlier this week that Microsoft filed a trademark for a new “S” logo. Everyone believes that the new trademark is related to the Project Scorpio. Some say that the new trademark will be the official logo for the Scorpio console.

With the “X10S” hidden message, it does appear like the “S” naming scheme has become a theme for Microsoft. Let’s not forget that the company also named its 4K-capable Xbox the Xbox One S. The addition of “10” to the Project Scorpio’s real name may just be a way to denote itself from the Xbox One S, but it could also hint at something more.

Microsoft has been trying to blend the gaming elements of Windows 10 and the Xbox One. Project Scorpio, or the Xbox 10 S, might be the culmination of those efforts.

As for pricing for the Project Scorpio, fans believe that the upcoming console might cost $399. It’s been discovered that if you search for “X10S101-1317” on Google images, the first result would be a magazine cover for Radio Electronics from August 1980, according to Game Rant.

Project Scorpio Part of the magazine cover of Radio Electronics showing the possible pricing of the Xbox Project Scorpio.

The magazine cover shows what appears to be a homemade R2-D2 droid from “Star Wars,” and the accompanying header that reads, “Build this robot for under $400.” This is believed to be a hint that Project Scorpio might only cost $399.

Microsoft is will be holding its Xbox E3 2017 press conference on Sunday, June 11 at 2 p.m. PT. The company is expected to reveal pricing and availability of Project Scorpio at the event.

Project Scorpio Microsoft has released new teaser videos for the Project Scorpio, and it includes hidden messages that hint at the console’s real name, release date and pricing.