PS+ May 2017 Games Include ‘Tales From The Borderlands’ And ‘Abzu’

The free games for PS+ subscribers have been revealed by Sony. While the offerings for PS4 gamers are pretty high-quality, the other games on the list don’t quite live up to the rest. Let’s dive in and see all six games coming to PS+ subscribers in May.


The first game for PS4 gamers is Telltale’s take on Borderlands. Tales From The Borderlands is set in everyone’s favorite crazy, cel-shaded universe, but plays like a typical Telltale game. All five episodes are included here, so get ready for the full adventure.

The second game for PS4 gamers is the indie game Abzu. Featuring development talent from thatgamecompany’s smash hit Journey, Abzu sees players exploring the depths of an ocean full of sights to see. For more on Abzu, be sure to read our interview with composer Austin Wintory.

Both of the PS Vita games will also be available for PS4 via Cross Buy.


On the PS3 side of things, the first game players will get is Blood Knights. This hack-and-slash RPG from developer Deck13 sees the war between humans and vampires come to an explosive head.

The second game coming to PS3 owners in May is Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants. Port Royale 3 is an economy simulation game set in the 17th-century Caribbean. Players have the option to pursue a number of goals, including becoming a business mogul or a pirate.

PS Vita

The first game for PS Vita (and PS4) is Laser Disco Defenders. This top-down shooter has players taking on the role of disco dancers who must destroy evil minions by blasting them with lasers.

The second game for PS Vita owners in May is Type:Rider. This side-scrolling game is all about… typography? That’s right, players control the dots of a colon that explore all sorts of different fonts and styles. It sounds weird and educational, but hey, it’s free.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of the games coming for PS+ subscribers in May? What games do you hope get offered in June? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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