PS5 vs PS5 Digital Edition: qual Sony PlayStation 5 você deve comprar?

O PlayStation 5 has been much sought after since its debut in 2020 – often leading to difficulties in actually buying one. But now that there’s plenty of stock available, just one question remains – which PS5 should you buy?

As well as the standard model – that’s the one with the disc drive – there’s a slightly slimmer, cheaper version, in the form of the PS5 Digital Edition. So, here are the differences between the two machines to give you an idea of which would suit you best.

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What’s the same between the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition?


The key thing to know about the two versions of the PS5 is that almost all of their components are identical – you get the exact same graphical performance, processor and storage options regardless of which you pick.

Isso significa que ambos têm um processador Zen 2 de oito núcleos, rodando a 3.5 GHz por núcleo, com 16 GB de RAM GDDR6 para usar.

That’s backed up by a GPU that can manage 10.28 TFLOPS across 36 CUs, a whole bunch more than even the PS4 Pro could manage. Storage-wise, both PS5s have 825GB custom SSDs, which can read data at a lightning-quick 5.5GB/s while you game. Long loading times are a thing of the past.


Os dois consoles também têm designs muito semelhantes, ambos apresentando os mesmos lados alargados no estilo ponta de asa e caixa branca, com iluminação azul acentuando bem o pacote.

They’re the same size in height when stood vertically, but the standard PlayStation 5 is significantly thicker as a result of its disc drive. It’s most noticeable at the base of the console, where this change has been made.

What’s different between the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition?

As you may have worked out by now, there are only two key differences between each PS5 model – the disc drive and price.

The standard PS5 has a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player that will let you play games from physical discs, as well as watch Ultra HD movies. This will naturally mean that you can trade in games after you’ve played them and lend them to friends. It’ll also mean that almost every PS4 game you have on disc will also work through compatibilidade com versões anteriores.

Por outro lado, o PS5 Digital Edition não possui unidade de disco, o que significa que todos os jogos que você jogar precisarão ser adquiridos digitalmente e você só poderá transmitir mídia em vez de reproduzi-la na unidade.

The absence of disc drive does, of course, make the Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5 cheaper than the full version. It’s generally $100 / €100 / £90 / ¥10,000 less, which could be really enticing depending on your budget.

Qual você deve obter?

A escolha entre os dois PS5s se resume a alguns fatores: como você compra seus jogos e se deseja assistir a DVDs, Blu-rays e Blu-rays 4K Ultra HD.

If you’ve been loving digital storefronts for ages and hardly ever pick up a disc, then the Digital Edition makes sense. It’ll save you some money up-front, cut down the size of the console, and save you from the clutter of game boxes. Plus, with the recent addition of digital games catalogues available through Assinatura do PlayStation Plus, existem centenas de jogos que você pode alimentá-lo por apenas uma taxa mensal.

No entanto, se você gosta de ter discos físicos ou usa serviços de troca o tempo todo para comprar novos lançamentos, será prejudicado pela Edição Digital.

It’s worth noting too that you’ll likely have either PS5 for a good number of years, so it wouldn’t take long to make back the price difference between the two models by trading in games or lending and borrowing copies with your friends or family. Also, if you have slow broadband, it’s worth remembering that all-digital PS5 games can turn out to be lengthy downloads.

That’s why we would lean toward the disc-toting PS5. However, everyone’s got different preferences and situations, so it’s handy that either way you should be getting a decent slice of current-gen fun.

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