Como importar Wunderlist E Todoist Para Microsoft To-Do


Microsoft To-Do is a brand-new task management app from Microsoft for Windows 10 dispositivos, iPhone and Android. The Microsoft To-Do app comes from the team behind Wunderlist which was acquired by Microsoft about two years ago.

Enquanto o Wunderlist team is developing Microsoft To-Do, it has a striking resemblance to Wunderlist. Users who have used Wunderlist before will feel at home. Like Wunderlist, Microsoft To-Do is extremely easy-to-use.

Microsoft To-Do currently lacks a couple of features offered in Wunderlist. Dito isto, To-Do will get all feature of Wunderlist and more in coming months.

Microsoft has said that it will retire the Wunderlist once all Wunderlist features are available in its To-Do app. assim, if you are a Wunderlist user, you will have to switch to Microsoft To-Do in a few months.

For users who are switching from Wunderlist to To-Do, Microsoft has made easier to import all Wunderlist data to Microsoft To-Do. In addition to Wunderlist, Microsoft To-Do can also import your lists and tasks from Todoist.

Import Wunderlist and Todoist data to Microsoft To-Do

Neste guia, we will see how import lists and tasks from Wunderlist and Todoist to Microsoft To-Do without using any additional software.

Degrau 1: Visita this import page of Microsoft To-Do.

Degrau 2: Clique Start importing botão. If you are asked to sign-in to Microsoft To-Do, please sign in by entering your Microsoft account address and password.

import wunderlist and todoist to Microsoft To-Do pic1

Degrau 3: When you see “Let this app access your info” page, click Yes button to continue.

Degrau 4: On the “Which to-do app you are using?” page, choose either Wunderlist or Todoist depending on from where you want to import lists and tasks.

import wunderlist and todoist to Microsoft To-Do pic2

Degrau 5: Próximo, you will be taken to Wunderlist/Todoist sign-in page where you need to log-in to your Wunderlist/Todoist account. Please use the email address and password you used while creating the account.

import wunderlist and todoist to Microsoft To-Do pic3

Degrau 6: When you see the “Authorize Microsoft To-Do Importer to access your Wunderlist/Todoist account” page, clique Authorize botão.

import wunderlist and todoist to Microsoft To-Do pic4

Degrau 7: You will see all lists in your account. Select what you want to import, e clique em Import selected button to begin importing lists and tasks from your Wunderlist or Todoist account to Microsoft To-Do.

import wunderlist and todoist to Microsoft To-Do pic5

Finalmente, você verá "How do you want subtasks imported?” page. Since Microsoft To-Do doesn’t support subtasks yet, you can import subtasks as notes or as individual to-dos. Select an option, e clique Start importing to begin importing.

import wunderlist and todoist to Microsoft To-Do pic6

import wunderlist and todoist to Microsoft To-Do pic7

Hope this helps you!

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