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Instalar Moodle eLearning Platform no Debian 9

  Moodle is a flexible and powerful free open source course management system and e-learning platform written in PHP and often deployed in Linux under Apache/Nginx web servers with PHP and MySQL/MariaDB database management system, also known as LAMP or LEMP stack. This tutorial will explain

Como instalar o MongoDB no Debian 9

No artigo de hoje vamos mostrar-lhe como instalar o MongoDB no Debian 9. MongoDB is a free and open-source NoSQL document-oriented database which is platform oriented. It stores all data in documents using JSON format (BSON) which makes the data to be highly

Tails OS 3.0 Released! Now Uses Debian 9

One of the most popular privacy focused Linux distributions, Tails has released version 3.0, based on Debian 9. The release comes three days before the official release of Debian 9. This is the first time a new version of Tails is released almost at the same

Complete Guide To Bug Reporting In Debian Linux

Reporting bugs is one the many ways you can help Linux grow. All free software distributions, projects have different systems in which bugs are collected, analyzed, labeled and fixed depending on number of people who know the source-code. Since I love Debian, Vou mostrar-lhe como…

APT: Reconstruindo pacotes em Debian

  reconstrução pacote é algo fácil de fazer em Debian. As SysAdmin, you might find yourself in a spot needed to rebuild a Package, maybe to enable a feature or something. This exactly I will show you how to do in this post. Neste post, Eu…

Como corrigir o Debian 6 Espremer Shellshock Bug

Eu corro alguns servidores web no trabalho que são internos enfrentados somente (intranet) que rodam Debian 6 Aperto. I’ve been monitoring the Shellshock exploit since it was discovered a few weeks ago and have been looking for a way to get those few systems patched…despite them

Como mudar Hostname No Ubuntu

Breve: Esta dica rápida mostra como mudar o nome do host no Ubuntu e outro sistema Linux baseado em Debian. Quando você instalar o Ubuntu, Ubuntu pede-lhe para escolher um nome para o seu computador, que é conhecido como um “hostname”. If at in point of the time you

Como melhorar a segurança do Magento site de e-commerce

Magento is an e-commerce software platform used by small businesses and leading brands, and its community edition is a freely available open-source program. Thanks to the huge collection of third-party developed plugins and themes which extend the default functionality and design, Magento is evolving into the

Como construir um módulo do kernel com DKMS no Linux

Suppose you wanted to install a device driver for a new graphics card, a WiFi dongle, or a network interface card that you purchased, and for whatever reason (e.g., missing prebuilt driver, outdated driver version, non-common build options), you decided to compile and install the driver

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