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Samsung Galaxy S8 Ativo vazou pela Netflix

O Galaxy S7 activo não poderia ?? passo de t água, mas em&T quer Samsung para ter outra chance. mais cedo, seu nome de código vazou - Cruzador - e agora as primeiras pegadas de esta besta misteriosa foram encontrados em um lugar inesperado. Netflix confirma que o SM-G892A…

Como instalar o Webmin no CentOS 7

Webmin é uma interface baseada na web para a administração do sistema para servidores baseados em Linux. É um dos painéis de controle mais popular open source de hospedagem. Neste tutorial, vamos mostrar-lhe como instalar Webmin em um CentOS Linux VPS executando 7 como um…

How To Import Wunderlist And Todoist To Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is a brand-new task management app from Microsoft for Windows 10 dispositivos, iPhone and Android. The Microsoft To-Do app comes from the team behind Wunderlist which was acquired by Microsoft about two years ago. As the Wunderlist team is developing Microsoft To-Do, isto…

O que é Kodi e como você usá-lo?

Have you heard folks talking about this "Kodi" coisa, and you're wondering what it's all about? Here's a quick beginner's guide. Kodi is a favorite among cord cutters and digital media fanatics, and it has a long history. Born from what was once called Xbox

How to Activate YouTube Dark Mode

Cool YouTube Darkness Apparently Google is working on a not-so-secret Dark Mode for YouTube and you can activate it yourself in just three easy steps. Pessoalmente, I find a darker background to be easier on the eyes and certainly hope that Google incorporate this feature

janelas 10 Quick Tips – Control Panel

Control Panel is AWOL In the latest iteration of Windows 10, the Creators Update, the WinX menu is different. Conspicuous by its absence is the Control Panel. Microsoft is slowly but surely replacing the time-honored Control Panel with the Settings App. As time passes, e…

janelas 10 Dicas rápidas - Night Light

The Blue Menace It has been established by “experts” in the field that late-night blue light is detrimental to human sleep patterns. This may be true, but I am am not here to argue the point. For a long time now, I have taken them

Getting started with tmux

Neste post, we will write about tmux, which is a terminal multiplexer, a lot like GNU Screen but much more powerful. If you spend a lot of time in a CLI, then you’ll love tmux. What is tmux? According to the tmux authors:

Como criar um código QR

What Is a QR Code Have you ever thought about creating a QR code for your business? While most of you already know what this is, some of you may be asking,”What in the heck is Jason talking about?” For those who do not know

How To Use Playback Shortcuts In VLC, MPC

When we upload a video to YouTube we are offered three thumbnails, chosen by some Google algorithm, but you do have the choice of uploading your own custom thumbnail, também. Por essa razão, amongst others, I needed to find a way of browsing through a

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