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Instale Keepass Password Manager No Ubuntu Linux

Instale gerenciador de senhas KeePass em Sistemas Linux Ubuntu. KeePass é um gerenciador de senhas gratuito de código aberto, que ajuda você a gerenciar suas senhas de forma segura. Você pode colocar todas as suas senhas em um único banco de dados, que é bloqueada com uma chave mestra ou chave…

How to Find Hidden & Saved Passwords in Windows

As you go about your day logging into various websites in your browser or accessing protected file shares on the network, Windows stealthy works in the background and may or may not store your credentials in various locations within the operating system. These usernames and passwords

How to check if you've been hacked

Find out how to check if your account has been hacked Another week, another major hack. It seems like cybercriminals are dumping our account details faster than we can keep up – this week's victim is Yahoo, but there's few online services that haven't been

6 Best Password Manager Tools for Linux

Today majority of Internet users are exposed to cyber attacks, not because they aren't using any best security measures, but because they are using weak passwords to secure their accounts. Passwords are your last resort of defense against online threats. Even though, we can hardly control

Dropbox Responds to Mac 'Security Risk' Accusations

Dropbox has said it needs to do a "better job" of communicating its OS X integration, after claims emerged online that its Mac app was phishing for user passwords and even "hacks" the operating system on installation. Developers of the cloud storage service were forced to

Raposa de fogo 49: HTTP passwords on HTTPS sites

Mozilla plans to launch an update for the built-in password manager in Firefox that will make HTTP passwords work on HTTPS sites as well. If you use the built-in functionality to save passwords in Firefox currently, you may know that the manager distinguishes between HTTP and

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