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Samsung junta-se as Guerras tela flexível

No começo de junho, after I came back from the industry's premier display conference known as SID, I shared in my PCMag column some of the major developments I saw there in flexible displays. The two major players who were very vocal about their breakthrough flexible displays

Vazamento Mostra 'Claramente Branco' Pixel 3 XL

Animado para o próximo Google Pixel 3? Novas imagens postadas nos fóruns XDA-Developers parecem mostrar uma versão Claramente Branco da maior variante XL. As you can see in the images above, the milky color covers the rumored all-glass back of the device

os OnePlus 6 Revisão: Among The Best Of 2018

Over the last several years OnePlus has evolved from a vendor looking to disrupt the smartphone market to a company whose flagships are now eagerly awaited every year. os OnePlus 6 is the company’s biggest design change yet, and brings with it flagship specifications while still

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