PUBG Mobile: Erangel 2.0 map finally released in the beta version

The devs of PUBG Mobile have been teasing the release of Erangel 2.0 for a very long time now. And it has finally made it to the global beta version of PUBG Mobile. Previous reports said that the devs finally released the reworked map on the Chinese version of the game, Game For Peace. This was released in the beta version of the game in China earlier and is live on the main game now. Besides these there are other updates with the release as well.

Besides Erangel 2.0 there’s a new Route Planner and waypoint system being added as well. Better graphics are one their way with reworked water reflections. Ultra HD settings are also apparently making its way to the game. PUBG Mobile recently added a new Jungle Adventure Mode to the game. Like the leaks said, the new Jungle mode has brought out a dynamic new side to the game. Deep-diving into the new set of mechanics and features PUBG Mobile has brought players within the relatively small Sanhok Map, here are some of the one’s to keep an eye out for.

The devs of PUBG Mobile recently announced the Ancient Secret mode along with a plethora of new in-game events and exclusive rewards. One of the exciting things to look out for is the array of themed and trendy outfits that have been added to the game. The Pharaoh Rises event slated to run from August 4 to September 11 will bring players the opportunity to win cool outfits like the Golden Pharaoh X-Suit, Warrior of Ra set, Warrior of Nut set, Underworld Guide set, and the Mummy set.

PUBG Mobile: Ancient Secret mode, indoor Library map introduced

With a mysterious ancient civilization theme, PUBG Mobile recently unveiled a new Ancient Secret Mode update, bringing players all-new in-game events and exclusive rewards. Similarly, fresh content arrives in the form of the new Arena gameplay – Team Gun Game and Library map in the hit Arena playlist.

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