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QNAP Releases Qmedia App for Enjoying NAS Media Content via Apple TV


QNAP® Systems, Inc. today released the Qmedia App for tvOS®, allowing QNAP NAS users to enjoy the videos, photos, and music files stored on their NAS via Apple TV.

QNAP NAS is more than a secure and reliable storage center. With an abundance of entertainment and multimedia apps, QNAP NAS can easily perform as the cornerstone of digital home and share media across a wide range of devices and services. With the Qmedia app, users can enjoy their media directly using Apple TV without needing to log into their NAS.

“QNAP aims to create personalized services for users who access their media using different platforms and services. Qmedia is designed for tvOS devices and offers our users a flexible option for enjoying their NAS-based media content using Apple TV.” said Marcus Yang, Product Manager of QNAP.

Qmedia supports tvOS in Apple TV 4. To enjoy the full functionality of Qmedia, QNAP NAS users should be using firmware QTS 4.1.0 (or newer) on their NAS and have Video/Photo/Music Station installed from the QTS App Center.

QNAP also supports Qmedia App from Roku® (available from the Roku Channel Store).

Availability & Compatibility
Qmedia is available from the Apple TV App Store

Apple TV Hardware Requirements: Apple TV 4 with tvOS 9.0 (or newer)

QNAP NAS Firmware Requirements: QTS 4.1.0 (or newer).

1 thought on “QNAP Releases Qmedia App for Enjoying NAS Media Content via Apple TV”

  1. I installed the Qmedia app on my Apple TV & it works great1…. but when I i stall it on
    My daughters Apple TV using the same set up info it fails to connect. Thw Apple tv app only
    Gives an option to put in an IP address. The iPad & iPhone apps give an option to put in the
    Qnap cloud link address to find the NAS.
    Why can’t I get my daughters Apple TV to connect when I set it up exactly as I did at home?


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