'Rainbow Six Siege' Hong Kong DLC Leak: New Drone, Taser, Grenade Launcher, And More Rumored

The next Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Season 2 DLC is expected to arrive next month, introducing two new operators and a new map based in Hong Kong. Earlier this month, a leak from Ubisoft’s test servers was shared on reddit, revealing some interesting details regarding the new operator weapon and abilities.

R6 Siege HK leaked codes Attacker and Defender R6 Siege HK leaked codes Defender Toxic Mine

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Via past leaks, the new Hong Kong attacker, codenamed Dazzler, features “blind-spot” grenades that suggest it will render enemies bland over a duration. Hong Kong defender, codenamed Caltrop, may possess a toxic smoke mine with cloaking abilities. Apparently, that’s not all. New leaks reveal extra gadgets that may come to Rainbow Six Siege.

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Redditor Klumpaen shared more leaked datamine files. The full list of leaked items can be found on this Imgur link. From this leak, we expect a new “TavernierBleu” headgear for Doc, “Wilhelm” headgear for Blitz, and “Nicotine” headgear for Smoke. Smoke also gets a “KTnomad” outfit and Capitao receives an Elite torso. There will be new “meme” charms as well as a Reptile Head keychain for Mute. But what you’re really interested in knowing are the new gadgets.

Rainbow Six Siege concussion mine Concussion Mine

Klumpaen highlights some interesting items including a Tactical Albatross, Patcher Launcher, Concussion Mine, and a Taser. While Concussion Mines were previously uncovered, it’s important to note that unlike the Toxic Mines that are connected to Caltrop, the Concussion Mines are not connected to any operator, so it’s not clear who will get to use them following the anticipated May update.

Rainbow Six Siege Tactical Albatross Tactical Albatross

The Tactical Albatross is the first screenshot that Klumpaen shared. An Albatross is a type of bird, and may refer to some sort of UAV drone that can relay intel for the team. For intel-loving players, this gadget may be a dream come true.

Rainbow Six Siege Taser 1 Taser Rainbow Six Siege Taser 0 Taser

The next interesting gadget that may be added to the next Siege update is the Taser. If you thought Twitch drones were annoying, imagine how humiliating it will be when you’re downed by a Taser melee. It’s uncertain how a Taser will be used in Siege or how effective this weapon will be, but we don’t expect much of a game changer here.

Rainbow Six Siege patcher launcher Patcher Launcher Rainbow Six Siege Launcher 1 Siege Launcher

Finally, Klumpaen also notes the leaked datamine features a Patcher Launcher. There’s no explanation to his, but an operator with a launcher would significantly change the game. If you also note the screenshot that highlights the Taser above, you’ll also notice lines that read Bonfire Launcher and Grenade Launcher. More than any weapon, a grenade launcher would be the greatest change to Siege gameplay of all. Particularly in claustrophobic maps like House or difficult defense holds like Skyscraper’s Tea Room, a grenade launcher may change the meta quite a lot. On the other hand, I can’t think of someone more deserving to be on the receiving end of a grenade launcher than Montagne.

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